Content always involved in Internet Web Traffic Generation

Internet web traffic often does not hold the place it should in people’s minds. Years ago, a wise man quoted three things needed for success in life. “Humility, humility, humility!”


Whether you agree with him or not, the secret of success on the Internet is, “content, content, content!” To really succeed, it needs to be your own content. So, if you want to succeed, you must be a ‘producer!’ Either, you produce your own content, or you get someone to do it for you!


This is where many go wrong on the Internet. Web traffic generation is an afterthought! Your average ‘Rookie’ marketer is fighting to get his first site together. All his efforts are directed there. Then, when it’s finished, he thinks, “OK, so now I need some traffic.” But, he’s drained himself building his site. He doesn’t want to think too much about traffic, he just wants it, today! This is completely the wrong way around.



Let’s give it a thought and consider the following points:


1. Internet web traffic generation should be our priority and first thought. Before you even decide about your site, you should be thinking, “How am I going to drive traffic to it?” For example, if you build a squeeze page, every external link it’s reckoned, reduces opt-ins by half! So, if your squeeze page with no links generates sixty percent opt-ins, one link will reduce it to thirty percent. Two to fifteen. Three to eight, four to four percent and so on! But, if you want to use Google AdWords, you need links!


2. Internet web traffic generation always involves content. 
You’ve thought mainly, if not exclusively, about the content of your website. But, to drive traffic, you need content. Articles are content. Banner ads are content. Even your PPC ads are content. Your videos are content. Excel at producing content, and you are a top marketer. The best marketers are those who are best at producing content. They produce unique content, with unique tips. They produce good quality content, and they produce it fast, real fast!


3. Internet web traffic generation isn’t rocket science. 
Maybe you could be thinking, “Where do I get enough ideas from?” Good question. Answer: Become an expert in your field. You have a normal human mind. Plus, the truth is that most content, though unique, is the same main themes in the particular niche. For example: this article is on the most important topic in Internet Marketing – Traffic!

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