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The Empower Network has been one of the more popular “earn money online” schemes on the internet world recently, and unless you have lived in a cave the probability that you have probably heard of it is huge. The reason you are reading this empower network review is probably that you want to know if it is worth your time and money. Well, I will let you read the review and then you can decide for yourself.

First of all, this product was launched on the 31st of October 2011 and just 53 days after its initial launch it had over 13,000 paying members; that is pretty impressive, to say the least. That’s not all of it! This product, otherwise called Empower Network is basically a pretty unique but complex program that offers a basic product and additionally you get quite a few informational products that will help you monetize the initial, primary product.

Essentially, the primary product is a Viral Blogging Platform which is completely set up for you to use right after you purchase it, so all you have to do is blog, blog and blog. There is nothing to set up, no technical issues no nothing, just possible earning. Sounds great doesn’t it? You are probably want to know more details about it, which is the reason why I am going to go a little deeper and explain it more thoroughly.

The blog that you get has already received some authority in the search engine’s eyes because the domain you get with the product is on the product maker’s domain ( This makes it a lot easier to get out there and get noticed, meaning you will get a lot more traffic than if you would have started from a fresh domain (which, by the way, would not have had a set up blogging platform either).

Now you might be wondering how this is going to make you any money at all, well the answer is simple but complex at the same time. I will go through some of the features this viral blogging platform provides to you:

– The ads on the header, footer (bottom part of the page) and the sidebar ad all use the Facebook comments system (making it viral by default) and additionally it has social sharing buttons everywhere.
– Every time someone clicks on one of those ads, they get sent right through the sales funnel meaning your affiliate id gets cookie’d. So if someone purchases the product (Viral Blogging Platform) after clicking on one of your ads you get 100% commission on that product and then money gets send straight to your bank account.

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For additional monetization, Empower Network has added additional upsells and you guessed it again, if you are the referrer you would get 100% commissions on the sales. It is not just a viral blogging system that you receive, you also get home business super level training with this and you’ll learn what you need to be a successful home business earner with your previous/current home business or you can also use Empower Network. There is no pressure to promote Empower.

There are many more features this truly fabulous yet simple product offers, but my personal suggestion is to just go and have a look at it yourself (and earn some money). The only drawback in this product is that it is not for lazy people that do not want to put any effort in earning money; because once you have purchased this product you will not be able to invent any excuses for not earning at least 4 figures online. You do have to use your blog, meaning write content, audio content, or video content. If you don’t, it is as useless as a parked car; it will get you nowhere.

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