Wealthy Affiliate Review

If you’re looking to buy Wealthy Affiliate by Kyle and Carson, this review will give you some background of things you can look forward to. First off, wealthy affiliate is an Internet marketing community. It does help newbies to long time veterans as some top Internet marketing names are in this online membership community. Right off the jump I’d recommend you start here if you are attempting to learn what the whole Internet Marketing thing is all about.

First let’s look at the components wealthy affiliate offers its members to make them as successful as possible; they have a product called Site Rubix. Site rubix is a website builder. If you can’t tell a computer chip from a potato chip you can relax because this website development tool is as simple as copy and pasting in a Word document. You don’t need to know anything about html or php and still upload video and other things. This will save you from having to get a web developer.

If you don’t want to deal with that then simply download their website templates and upload it to your hosting and domain and still have a professionally looking website in seconds.

If you don’t even want to try the website template or site rubix thing in building a website; wealthy affiliate has turnkey feeder sites. What is a turnkey feeder site? It’s a premade website optimized with products already fine tuned for you to begin to promote. So all you do is put the website link as you promote and you avoided the headaches of creating a selling website.

That covers the actual website and the look and optimization aspect of Internet marketing and how Kyle and Carson will help. Wealthy affiliate launched in 2008 a product (free to its members) called Rapid Writer, which is simply a content generator and search engine optimizer. If you’re new to Internet marketing one way you’ll learn quickly to make tons of dollars online is to write articles and submit them to web publishers. The rapid writer tool helps spit out articles at a monstrous rate. The more articles, with rich content and optimized correctly will help you make tons of money.

Many Internet marketing programs claim this but they don’t really follow it thoroughly. One-on-one coaching is important in anything. In the first season of the Apprentice; the prize was to lead a development project and working side-by-side with Donald Trump. Wealthy affiliate gives that opportunity to anyone who desires and reaches out for it. Imagine getting your campaign, from the keywords on up watched as you build them. That is the level of support they offer (they did that for me $$J).

The larger than life and the hard part of wealthy affiliate is its 8 week action plan. While this is worth the membership; it digresses a bit and you can feel like you’re on information overload. Wealthy affiliate also has Internet marketing training guides in Google Adwords, email marketing, article marketing training, landing pages, and other common mistakes.

You get access to a keyword research tool that also spies on your competitors; you could pay up to $500 bucks or $50 dollars a month for a similar tool. Wealthy affiliate also has an elaborate forum, just hanging in there as other newbie’s ask questions that the veterans guide them on; you’ll pick up light years of info.

Wealthy affiliate also comes with additional Adwords tools, link cloaking, analytics tool, and custom keyword list to get you rolling. I’d be an idiot in this wealthy affiliate review not to tell you about the WA jobs system. If you are a wiz in making websites; you can offer to make the tons of WA members who may need that service. If you are a natural writer, perhaps you can write articles for other members for a fee.

There are tons of areas to make money on the Internet; and wealthy affiliate just doesn’t position you in all of them; they also take you step-by-step into turning the wealth of info into dollars; continuous dollars.

I would only compare WA to one or two other programs and they actually aren’t that close. I’ll only name one since this is a wealthy affiliate review; but that would be Maverick Money Makers. Wealthy affiliate use to be a simple $29.99 each month; while Maverick Money Makers is a more sophisticated $97/month.  However, WA has increased its’ price because of additional services they provide and is now also $97/month.

Maverick Money Makers is geared more towards experienced internet marketers than the newbie. I hope you’ve enjoyed this wealthy affiliate review.

Due Daniels

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