A Novice’s Review of Wealthy Affiliate

Article by Stephan Gray

In this article, I will present to you my review of wealthy affiliate. I believe you will find this to be a valuable review because I was in your position just a few days ago. Hopefully, my perspective will allow you to decide whether or not this will be the right path for you.

I’m quite new to the internet marketing game, but I consider myself a very difficult catch for marketers. I learn quite a lot on my own by reading and researching. Unfortunately, it seems quite difficult to find honest reviews about products designed to help someone start out in the internet marking world. I searched for a review of wealthy affiliate, and I found more typical sales pitches. Nothing gets me clicking off of a page faster than a “Dear Friend,”

I really wanted to succeed at internet marketing because I feel that it can provide the kind of flexibility I desire. I was determined to find a way. It was really quite overwhelming at first, there was so much information and misinformation out there that it was hard to know where to start.

This is where wealthy affiliate comes in. The main thing that caught my eye was their ‘8 week action plan’ and the emphasis on community. I’ve found that learning by interacting with others on a forum is one of the best ways to learn. The 8 week action plan is also a wonderful way to ‘know where to start.’ They lay it all out in front of you and knowing where you’re going and what to do allows you to focus your efforts on producing results instead of worrying and wondering.

It only took a few minutes of reading the forums before I realized that the community they talk about is really worth the price of admission. I learned much more in a few hours on the wealthy affiliate forums, than I did in several days before I joined. If nothing else, it’s absolutely encouraging to have the support of people in your position and people further down the road. It really helps you see that you can do it too.

I’ll keep you updated and provide another review of wealthy affiliate once I have gotten a better grasp on the whole site. There really is quite a lot to learn. Just like anything else, it will take work to succeed, wealthy affiliate is no exception. The difference is that someone has already gone through the trouble of organizing all the ideas and presenting them in a very methodical fashion. If for some reason, you still struggle to understand something, the community is absolutely there for you, including the owners, which was a nice thing to see.

I hope you enjoyed my review of wealthy affiliate, and I hope to see you around the forums.

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I’m a novice internet marketer, who is very glad to have found a way to clear up the confusion involved in learning all about this exciting field. I hope to meet you on the WA forums:


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