A Review of Wealthy Affiliate

Having sifted through dozens of online marketing training sites, I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate. Here’s a first impression of Wealthy Affiliate, and a brief on what it is that sets this site apart.

One of the cardinal principles in the world of business is the conversion of knowledge and information into money. The unfortunate state of affairs is that academic and para-academic activities such as training and teaching have also acquired an air of business around them so as to necessitate strategic communication – hiding more information than what is revealed, in the process. It is in this context that Wealthy Affiliate stands out.

When on the hunt for a genuine Internet marketing training source, it is easy to land up in dozens of sundry websites and training programs. Services range from the plain Jane ‘free tips & tricks’ variety to the ‘most comprehensive and exhaustive training’ regimes that could cost a bomb. The jostling field is wide open and there are training programs of all shades and sizes, which makes it all the more difficult to evaluate and choose the best program suited to your needs.


A brief review on Wealthy Affiliate should serve clear the air.  At the outset, it is often useful to consider the background of the promoters of a training service. In fact, Wealthy Affiliate scores comfortably on this count. It can be assumed that the combined experience of Kyle and Carson would be brought to bear on the way the training modules are designed. The quality speaks for itself in terms of content design and delivery as well.

The multiple modes through which training material is distributed are also impressive, with video, e-book, text and one-to-one interaction being part of the mainstream content delivery system. A 24/7 learning support functionality serves as a crucial link between self-learning and support.

Importantly, the package comes at a reasonable cost of membership that looks entirely justifiable, considering the overall quality viz. a viz. competition. In fact, it could be said that if there is a newer way of content delivery, Wealthy Affiliate could be the first to adopt it. Net-net, Wealthy Affiliate acquits itself well and stands among the best of online marketing training programs.

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