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Affiliate marketing is extremely popular with affiliates earning huge amounts of money online.  Affiliate marketing is where you (the affiliate) drives customers to buyers’ websites in return for commission, which is paid only when the product is sold.  This is the reason why merchants are using affiliates to sell their products.  Affiliates are therefore, springing up everywhere and are earning affiliate marketing money.

It is possible for you to take advantage of this current trend, earning affiliate marketing money, because even if you are not trained in affiliate marketing, there is a training program that will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, from scratch, and it will have you earning affiliate marketing money as an expert affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training program that is teaching thousands of affiliates how to make affiliate marketing money.   The program teaches through an eight-week training course and delivers training in the form of tutorials, downloads, videos, blogs, articles and webinars.  Members are literally hand-held through the course, and a ‘Getting Started Guide’ is provided for each category.  The categories covered are article marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, keyword research, research, website development and website hosting.  This covers everything you need to learn in order to make affiliate marketing money.


The program will also provide you with bespoke services that no other program is able to provide.  These include free website hosting and WA Jobs, where members are able to offer their skills and services to other members.  The famous Forum is run alongisde the program, so that members can network and communicate with each other whilst the Forum discusses more than 83,000 topics and is host to over 48,000 members.  This alone, makes the program worthwile because it is possible to learn everything you need to know just by surfing the Forum.

The most attractive aspect of the program must be the support and mentoring, which is provided by the program owners.  Five years ago, these two internet marketing professionals met at university, uncovered a niche market (a gap in the market for an online training program) and they set up Wealthy Affiliate as a project, later to become the renowned University.  They take a personal interest in the success of their members, because member success is the program’s success.  These are two very savy businessmen and the program prides itself on excellent customer service, which it continually delviers.

You can earn affiliate marketing money from the outset, because an affiliate program is attached to the course.  Members are paid generous commissions for referrals to the program, so it is possible to earn money whilst you learn.  Again, no other program provides this opportunity.

The beauty of the program is that it is applicable to everyone, whether you are a new affiliate, intermediate or advanced, the program has something for everyone, and it can teach everyone how to make affiliate marketing money.  It is not difficult to learn affiliate marketing, but you must be dedicated and expect to work hard.  This is no get-rich-quick scheme, because they just don’t work.  This program won’t make you an overnight millionaire, but it will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. 

You can read my full review of the program here.  Good luck with your efforts.

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