Affiliate Marketing. What is it? Some questions answered.

Article by John Viscido

I am going to be a little bit boring here, and call up the dictionary definition of the two words. Unfortunately, my dictionary is so old that it does not have an explanation of the two words together. To affiliate yourself to something, is to join or be associated with it; this can be a person, a group or an organisation. Marketing is the activity of presenting advertising or selling a company’s goods or services. So in essence Affiliate Marketing is associating oneself to a company or product, for the purpose of financial reward. In plain words, this means that if you don’t have your own product to sell, you can link to someone who has, and for a commission, sell that product.

Affiliate marketing is a huge business which has grown rapidly over the last two decades. It is a billion dollar industry but why is it tarnished (especially in Britain) with a reputation that a few wealthy affiliates at the top, rip off the majority? There has always been a sort of “pyramid selling” stigma to Affiliating, but for the life of me, I can’t see why. Here are some questions about Affiliate Marketing that may blow away some of the fog.

Can anybody do it?

If you have a computer, and know a little bit about pasting links, and building a blog or a simple website, then the answer is yes.

How do you do it?

These days, almost every company has an affiliate scheme of some sort that anybody can join. Websites such as Affiliate window, and Clickbank, operate as middlemen between the individual and the companies. You join the sites, pick the company product you want to promote and download the banner codes to your site. You job is then to get the customers to visit your site, in order to click the links, and buy the products.

How easy is it to make money?

This is a “how long is a piece of string” question. It depends on how good you are at marketing, and obviously how good the product is that you are promoting. Most Affiliates start out with no experience, and either learn quickly and make some money, or give up.

Can I lose money Affiliate Marketing?

The companies who you are selling for, do not take money off you. The only cost involved is setting up a website, but this can be done very cheaply or even for free

Is there any training schemes?

There are books and courses out there on the net for you to understand the rudiments of marketing, and good advice would be to invest in one before starting, there are many to choose from so shop around.

Affiliate Marketing offers a way out of the “rat race” and a chance to map your own destiny; it is the child of the computer age, and as such is still young and fresh. It will make some of you reading this article, a lot of money.

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