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Article by Mike Ingles

Wealthy Affiliate University has become the fastest growing site online for teaching regular folks how to make money online. Now with Wealthy Affiliate Platinum, things are really about to heat up.

The internet is packed with get rich quick scams out to take your money exclusive of providing anything of real significance. So is Wealthy Affiliate University completely a different Scam or can this essentially be the holy grail of Internet Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing has grow to be one of the fastest growing online businesses in the present day. Regular folks from all walks of life are gravitating to the internet to make extraordinary wealth working merely a few hours a day from the comfort of their home. This matter intrigued me and I have to admit I wanted a cut of the pie.

Who wouldn’t desire to make additional money than most folks working from the comfort of their home right?

Searching online one can grow to be overwhelmed with all the websites and ads promising to make you rich in 30 days or make ,000 in 7 days by using their approach. Thousands of people everyday fall in favor of these websites and acquire a product hoping they have finally found the one item that will get them out of debt or whatever the basis may be to want more money.

The challenge that I found after being scammed myself more times then I can count is no more than a hand full of websites actually delivered actually what they advertised. Can you take a guess which one ranked top on the list you guessed it Wealthy Affiliate Platinum!

Wealthy Affiliate University has turn out to be the fastest growing online society online. Precisely reading all the hundreds success stories posted on their forum paints a picture that this website is the real deal and a necessity for everyone wanting to find out how to make lots of money with Internet Marketing.

Before I became a associate myself I was very skeptical and did not want to get scammed again nor could I afford to lose further money. Over the run of two weeks I must have read every evaluation I could obtain on Wealthy Affiliate Platinum and watch numerous videos on You Tube and not one of them had something disapproving to say and highly recommended joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Several days later I took the plunge and joined and could not believe the beast that I had uncovered. I could not believe my eyes, everything I was searching for was here: One-on-one coaching & support, step-by-step training from start to finish, videos, keyword tools, Adwords tools, forum, free website hosting, website builder & templates and so much more!!!

Over the next week I jumped straight in and begun reading their 8 week training course and made my first internet sale in that first week. I was shocked this stuff in fact works! There is no better feeling than your first sale and it merely adds fuel to the fire to persuade you to continue on.

Over the next several weeks I read everything and watched all the training videos on Wealthy Affiliate. Appling my new developed skills I began making sales everyday. Within two months my profits grew from to greater than 00 a month!!!

Kyle and Carson the two creators of the Wealthy Affiliate University have unconditionally put together the best website online giving anyone everything required to begin making money online. The single reason someone would not make money is simply for the reason that they are not reading and using the methods that Wealthy Affiliate Platinum makes available to you.

When I say everything I totally mean it. Where else can you find a website that will:

• Reveal everything about Affiliate Marketing and how you can begin making money• Lay out exactly what you need to do to start making lots of money online• Provide real one-on-one coaching and support• Provide websites ready to go making you money from day one• Thousands of dollars worth of keyword research tools, niche market tools and much more• Adwords Research Tool Spy on your competition• Wealthy Affiliate Forum this single-handedly is worth the membership• Professional Website Hosting Free• Free Website Builder (Site Rubix)• Training Videos showing you exactly how to find hot keywords to convert into sales• and so much more!

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