A lot of people have jumped in the Health and Wellness industry and are into taking care of their bodies for better health and longevity.  I recently was talking to the founder of Escape International and how he sold his MLM health and wellness company to Youngevity Inc.  He said he wanted to go into a different direction business-wise, and thought to put the company in the hands of the best person in health and longevity. That person was Dr. Joel Wallach, the Dead Doctors Don’t Lie guy and Doctor Wallach is the creator of the Beyond Tangy Tangerine product.

We were sent a canister and asked to review it, so here is our Beyond Tangy Tangerine review. If your thinking of trying it by no means will we stop you. The first thing everyone who takes supplements likes to know is does it work and does it taste good. Well if you are familiar with Dr. Joel Wallach, you’ll know that what he has studied over the last 40 years does work or the US (not the government but the citizens) would have run him away a long time ago. Why? It’s because of his outrageous claims that most all diseases can be reversed and man has the genetic capacity to live to 120 comfortably and not rugged, old-looking, and beat up by age.

So Dr. Wallach is legit and his latest legitimate product is the Beyond Tangy Tangerine (BTT). It is flat out a winner to me because of it’s’ taste, convenience, and health properties.  I’ve been taking Beyond Tangy Tangerine for about two months now since having it sent to me by a distributor. The benefits I’m seeing are great.   I always assumed that vitamins and minerals were created the same, but after noticing what Beyond Tangy Tangerine is doing for me and what Dr. Wallach’s message resounds, I know differently now.

I have noticed the positive impact this supplement has had my health, and more specifically on my digestive system and joints. I noticed within three days that I had more energy and felt more attentive. I sleep better at night and waking up with more energy in the morning.

Now the BTT is loaded with over 200 nutrients and 115 fruits and vegetables. It contains the base line Majestic Earth Plant Derived Minerals blended with vitamins, amino acids, and other beneficial nutrients. It’s all natural containing no starch, wheat, or yeast, no artificial sweeteners or preservatives and is gluten-free. You’re sure to get all of the nutrients your body needs by drinking this daily accompanied by a good diet. The funny thing is that this product will secretly help you lose weight or maintain ideal weight and slowly reverse diseases just by drinking it daily. It also boasts an ORAC score of 5745.

How does it Taste?

It does have a fruity but slightly “medicine-cy” taste to it. That is if you mix it with water, as I do. But if you mix it with a juice, fruit punch, or smoothie you will get a different more exotic taste.

It last roughly 30 days if you are 200 pounds or less. If you are over 200, then you may run out around 20 days because it is to be taken according to body weight. It gets the thumbs up from me because nutritional supplements are necessary for us, but it is a good one in powered-crystallize form dissolving in water quickly keeping the fruits and vegetables in its natural form. It beautiful modern day science

To learn more about the Beyond Tangy Tangerine, visit the Mineral Man today or order from Youngevity today! I’m Danny Klein with Get the Review



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