Do You Know about Useful Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Article by Naresh Sareen

There are hundreds of affiliate marketing programs and systems out there, mostly explained in e-books. The question is: which of these affiliate marketing programs are useful for you? Are you experienced in affiliate marketing? Well, that depends on your experience. If you are fairly new to affiliate marketing, or make just a little money this way, then you need to be very careful what you buy. You see, these marketers use very persuasive sales letters to sell their programs, and it is easy to get the impression that as a complete newbie, all you have to do is follow their instructions and you will make a fortune. Not so.

In fact, with many of these programs, you will just end up losing money on Adwords. Why so? Because many of them are written on the assumption that you know a lot about affiliate marketing and are making money that way. For help visit Of course, they don’t say that. In fact, some of them actually claim that they have taken people with no experience off the street and taught them how to make thousands of dollars each month. This may be so, but of course these people got advice and help from the guy that wrote the program. You won’t. Oh sure, there will be a help desk, but that will not give you any marketing help – just help with technical problems. Some affiliate marketing programs are very good – but not for you So does that mean that all these programs are bad? Not at all.


But they are written for different marketers, and at different stages of development of the guy that thought it up. For example, Day Job Killer followed Affiliate Project X which followed Adwords Miracle – about a year apart. These are all good programs, but are aimed at experienced marketers, not for relative beginners. Quite a few of other affiliate marketing programs don’t really give you all the knowledge you need to succeed, whatever level you are at. Of course, the marketers who sell them as joint ventures say they are good because they are selling them. This is one of the problems when choosing affiliate marketing programs. for more details you can login to So what is the answer? First, read the sales letter very carefully. Ignore all the bull, and concentrate on just what the program does. You may end up with just two or three sentences. Not good. Next, look for programs that actually do offer you training and a system – like Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliate Cash Secrets. Once you read the sales letters you will see that these are different. Both are highly recommended – but you will find one appeals more than the other!

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