How Could You Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate ?

Article by Jeffrey M.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of Internet marketers that was created by two young successful Internet marketers, Kyle and Carson. The 26 years old “Wealthy Affiliate” first created as a “keyword list builder” tool. Being the first to use a membership site offering keyword services and lessons, Wealthy Affiliate decided to share everything they learned in the last six years with their members instead of keeping their secrets.

It did not take too long before a unique community was created! It has now been three years since Wealthy Affiliate was created. The 3.0 version came out in january and they somehow managed to make it easier and faster to use the tools available. When I joined, I wanted to stay objective all the way through my learning process. After only a few days, I was already addicted to what they were offering! There was information about almost every single way to make money online. Everything is very well detailed. There is content equivalent to close to fifty books in there.

The learning resources are very interesting. It goes from beginner, to medium and advance. You should start with the eight weeks action plan because everything if taught in order to get a successful start. They go step by step to make the beginners more at ease with the lessons. Advanced Internet marketer don’t have to follow this action plan before getting started. You get access to many keyword tools as a keywords generator, keyword phrase builder, spy competition tool, research tool, keyword research tool and more.

If you have a hard time creating a website, you will love “Site Rubix”. It is a professional and easy to use website creator, and it’s only available to the Wealthy Affiliates. Site Rubix allows you to create professional website in minutes by offering a very simple and easy to use program.Members also get free web hosting by joining. You heard me right; free! So you get all the Internet marketing tools and lessons to learn and apply everything you need, you get an easy website builder tool and you get free hosting for your new website. All you can think of is provided at Wealthy Affiliate.

Last but not least, there is the Wealthy Affiliate Forum. This has become the principal reason why people join Wealthy Affiliate. The information found in the threads of this forum is worth much more than every book you will ever buy, I promise! With such a huge group of people, this forum soon became an important source of information about every internet marketing topic possible. Always fresh and up to date, this is the section I spend the most time on. Imagine ten thousand people sharing every thing they know, from their best hits to the mistakes they have done. The advanced marketers there share information in this forum that makes the members the first to know on the internet. This is serious!

If you need solutions about how to avoid google slap, S.E.O., landing page creation, AdWords optimization, article marketing and so much more, the forum alone would be enough to fulfill your needs. Plus the success story section is the best motivating support you can thing of.Wealthy Affiliate is the fastest growing Internet marketing community online. Consequently, about fifty new members join every day. Half of them are new to the Internet marketing world. This is why everyday, on the General Success section, you can see “first sale” posts.So I hope you will take a look at Wealthy Affiliate website and if you are not completely sure about Wealthy Affiliate, you can keep looking on the Internet, but I guarantee you won’t find a better support to learn how to be successful!

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