How To Make Money Online Spending Less Than Per Day

Article by D P Haynes

Warning: If you are looking for a way to get rich quick overnight like some of the empty promises marketed by Make Money Online Gurus then this is not the right article for you.

If however, you want to find out some of the foundational ways to make some good money online for a few bucks a day (or less than a good cup of coffee) then this may be just what you are looking for.

Now, bear in mind that I’m not saying you cannot become an internet genius and come up with a great product, service or marketing sales technique that gets you instant fame and fortune. However, realistically there are only a handful of these success stories, despite what you read on line.

You often times will see ads about a stay at home mom who makes thousands of dollars with no website, computer or technical skills or knowledge. Would you like to know the secret of how she does it? My guess is that they pay her to use her picture and all she has to do is confirm that she stays home and makes a ton of money, without telling us how she does it.

Ok, enough whining about the phony programs out there trying to steal your last few bucks to make multi millionaires out of some folks.

So how can you make money on line spending less than a day?

I’m going to focus on only one technique that you can use to make money online, although there are many ways to do so.

Sign up for a few free Yahoo or Gmail email accounts and keep track of your login ids and passwords. Once you access either of these sites there are simple instructions about how to sign up for an email account. Sign up with a few affiliate companies to sell their products or books online. A good place to start is a company called Clickbank. It costs nothing to join and you can market informational resources referred to as “Ebooks” and make a commission on every customer you refer who buys a book. Millions of these get sold each year. Sign up with some free article directories or blogs so you can create articles about the products you intend to sell. Two good places to start with are to submit articles you write and to start a blog. Both sites will give you guidance on how to create and submit articles or blog material. There is nothing complicated here and you will have thousands of examples to reference.Sign up with a few websites which allow you to create a functional website to help sell the products you intend to market. Two good websites I know of are and Again, once you sign up they provide plenty of tips and techniques to create a couple of websites. Go through the Clickbank marketplace and find some products you would like to market and get started.

The basic concept is that you write articles and submit them to article directories. They get published and if they are written well and have the right title and keywords (basically what someone types in the Google or Yahoo search box) they will be viewed by many folks.

Once they read your excellently put together article they will be inspired to find out more information by clicking on a link to the actual product that you place in your resource box. Some article directories don’t allow you to link directly to the vendor’s website. That’s why you should create a couple of free websites as noted above. You can then point the reader to your website and redirect them there to the vendor’s website for the purchase.

They proceed over to the vendor’s website and if the product matches what they are looking for they buy it and you get a percentage of the sale generally between 60% and 75%. You get paid because the link you allow them to click on is a special link you will get from Clickbank that identifies you as the person who referred the buyer for the purchase.

Your job is to write articles or post updates to your blog and refer customers who buy products and you collect your paychecks from Clickbank every two weeks. This may sound too complicated if you haven’t actually walked through it but trust me it’s not that hard. If I could learn it just about anyone can.

Does this sound simple enough? I learned how to do this and I’m not rocket scientist. Well I must admit that I did join a network that trains people how to create income generating streams, with little or no experience. In my case I had no experience.

The program is called “Wealthy Affiliate” (WA) and after researching 5 to 10 online affiliate marketing courses none of them compared to the WA program.

This is where you can find out everything you need to know to become a successful internet marketer and it will cost you less than .50 a day to join and learn what you need. You pay a monthly fee but you have the option of dropping out of the program at any time. There is no contract or agreement that keeps you locked in the program.

However, I’m pretty sure that if you join, you will see the value that the program adds to your online success, and you will not even think about leaving the program.

In addition to teaching you how, where, when and why to do certain things or better yet what not to do you can easily learn how to create a few websites and get them published on the Web. They will host your first three websites so once you purchase a domain name (you can get one for about .00) you will learn everything you need to know to create and publish your websites. Trust me I built 3 websites and published them without having any prior experience or knowledge of HTML programming. They make it so simple but yet your end product is a quality website that can bring you residual income for years to come.

Wouldn’t it be great to create a few money making income streams to replace your day job, fund your retirement or your children’s expensive college education?

There is no guarantee that you will be successful or even make one penny from learning how to become an internet marketer. I can guarantee you though that if you don’t give it a try you will never know what might have been.

With the state of affairs in today’s turbulent job market and economy, your safe 9 to 5 job is no longer safe. With a simple but effective internet marketing business (simple terms – sell other companies books or products and make money on each sale) you can ensure that your family’s financial future doesn’t rest on how expendable your boss or company feel you are.

I haven’t worked for a boss for the last 18 months and I don’t miss the old (fill in the blank).

Come and join me on the road to becoming a wealthy affiliate. My only regret is that I didn’t find this stuff out sooner in life.

Get started here: Wealthy Affiliate

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