Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam? Does Wealthy Affiliate really work, is it for real?

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam? Does Wealthy Affiliate really work, is it for real?

Pre-thoughts: We at Research and Purchase do our best to find out what we can about a product. It is are sole purpose to make sure you can succeed and have a good time doing so. When you succeed, we succeed.

Everyone wants to know the questions for any online program, Is it Real or not?, Is it Safe?, Is it going to readh my goals? We know for a fact that WA has thousands of members, and we also know they do not advertise the impossible. WA has been one of the few sites we encountered that actually is realistic in creating goals, and training you to succeed.

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Quick Summary: Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005, it was created by owners Kyle & Carson. WA University has become a central fountain of knowledge where you can become trained in the art of generating profit with the internet.

This program has helped many people become successful, but by no means is it going to happen in 24 hours. You need to set a realistic amount of time, and work hard at it, and then it will get easier.


What are the Wealthy Affiliate University Pros:

– WA’s Training program is amazing with over 500 courses in Pay-Per-Click advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Article Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Hosting, Website Development, and quite a bit more. All the training programs in Wealthy Affiliate are written very well and are simple to understand. Even if you have no experience, the training they provide can start you from the ground up.

– The training itself is worth joining WA. But if that wasn’t enough, they also have a phenomenal support system. WA has a huge community with thousands of people to meet, greet, and gain experience from. When you login there is bound to be a few hundred people online the same time you are, ready to help, or ready to get tips from your experiences. They offer forums where you can ask anything you want, and before you know it all your questions are answered. Some questions we have seen are, “Can you review my site for feedback?” “What is the best way to setup my website?” “What is the easiest and quickest way to make money out of all the training menthods?”. WA offers forums, personal messages to specific members, FAQ, and more.


– Up to Date resources. WA team is always updating it’s courses, and creating new ones as well. If there is a new way of marketing you will certainly find information on it at WA. Research and Purchase learned quite a bit of new techniques, and are happy to say they do work. One BIG PLUS, is that if you ever have any big questions, you can email or private message the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson.

-WA Jobs. This is one of the greatest sections ever in Wealthy Affiliate. This is a members only section where members can post job opportunities, whether to create a website, or write an article, data entry, and more. There is also a section where you can post services you are good at, and attract people who need you. WA Jobs ia great place where you can earn money while you learn.

-Gold Program. Every month Kyle and Carson give a certain amount of gold to each member. With this gold, you can give it to other members who have answered your question, or can be given to courses that you really thought helped you. If you earn gold it converts to cash at the end of the month, so you have an opportunity to give or receive.

What are the Wealthy Affiliate University Cons:

-No phone support. It’s nice to speak to a live person, but honestly WA has such a community feeling to it, that you really don’t mind. They have great 1 on 1 support, and within one week you really don’t even think about the phone. But members do have the opportunity to exchange numbers if you build up a rapport.

-Tons of information. When you enter the affiliate website, you come to a nice clean website, with many sections. The only problem is “where do I start?”. The smartest way to approach this question is to find out what your goals are, do you want to write articles?, do pay per click advertising?, write blogs?, or something else. If you don’t know where to start, then I strongly suggest starting at the Training Homepage. If you start at the Training Homepage, you can get some really good ideas that can help guide you to something you feel is your strong point.

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-member fees. Most people understand that Wealthy Affiliate is an educational resource sort of like a college. The main purpose of which is to teach it’s members how to become successful affiliates. Like any college or learning institution, the folks that create your lessons, provide your learning material, classrooms and teach you must be paid be compensated for their effort. In college you can expect to pay up to 0,000 for tuition. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a job or career that may pay you a fraction of the tuition you invested.  With Wealthy Affiliate you pay .99 per month (assuming you pay for the full year lump sum in advance, kinda like a day) or .00 per month (Opting not to pay the year lump sum in advance.) But if you apply what you’re taught effectively then your income is unlimited and ultimately decided by you. However like college I can’t say it’s guaranteed here either. So no one really complains about charging a fee for this education.

However some do take issue regarding when it needs to be paid! A few would be members would like the option of paying Wealthy Affiliate after they’re successful. At the end of the day most people understand WA’s payment policy & wouldn’t hold it against them. No one would ever go to a college and say, “hey let me pay you after I get a job or successful career”. It’s just not a practice that would be accepted. There is a simple reason for this. A college nor Wealthy Affiliate can predict the future or be held responsible for how you apply the teachings they provide you. The college or WA have provided you with all the tools and teachings you need. It’s now up to you to apply them in the real world and make your money.  That being said, I just wanted to point this out since it may be an objection for you.


So when we asked Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? We do have to give a big yes, it has worked for us, and it has also worked for so many members, new and old.

At the end of the day can you say you have what it takes to succeed? If you got this far there has to be something in you giving you this drive to succeed. We believe if you stay focused, ask questions, learn as much as you can, stay persistent, and feed yourself positive thoughts, you can succeed in the Wealthy Affiliate University program.


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