Is Wealthy Affiliate The Biggest Scam Of The Last 5 Years? Scam Investigation

One of the greatest risks of working with any web based firm or institution arises from the fact that there are a plethora of dangers regarding privacy and identity. Since the vastness of the World Wide Web allows for an almost uncontrolled amount of anonymity it is hard to ensure hundred percent safety and security in online transactions. Scams, identity thefts, financial swindles and many other cyber crimes have escalated in the past few years and with every advancing step in technology there is a leap forward in the criminal uses it is put to online. In such bleak circumstances it becomes essential to guard one’s privacy online and beware of any traps and pitfalls.

So if you want to choose the one name you can trust without any hesitation when it comes to the field of online marketing techniques, we suggest you opt for Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an online university that works to impart education regarding setting up online businesses, maximizing the true potential of the World Wide Web and using affiliate marketing techniques to make the most of all that the Age of the Internet has to offer.

The privacy policy followed at Wealthy Affiliate works to guard any personal identification data such as one’s name and contact details and previous activities with the organization. Personal information collected by Wealthy Affiliate is not shared, sold or rented out to other companies save for when the user themselves requests access to a product or service. Within the company framework itself personal information regarding clients is limited to those personnel who are directly in contact with the community members and need to be able to communicate with them.

However, before going any further, it is highly advised that everyone first avails of the free Wealthy Affiliate tutorials. These tutorials allow to sample the magic of this online university to a great degree, and furthermore allow to you get the edge over everyone else

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