Joining Wealthy Affiliate – Few Tips Before You Join

Article by Peter Yoo

If you know what WA is about and want to join right away, scroll down and click on the first link almost at the bottom of this article. Joining Wealthy Affiliate is simple and easy but I suggest you finish this article before you do.

In this article, I’m going to give you a few tips that I think you should know before joining Wealthy Affiliate. After joining Wealthy Affiliate, you can expect to make some errors.

When you go to the sign up page, you will be given a choice to either get the Gold membership or the Platinum membership. If you are just starting, chose the Gold membership, there’s no way you will need to use the things that are not included in the Gold membership. Save some money for now and when you feel that you need more than 4 websites hosted then move on to Platinum.

WA is a vast program, you can find just about everything that has to do with affiliate marketing but in the same way, it’s overwhelming. After joining Wealthy Affiliate, you will start getting some emails called the “Success in 30 days club”. Start with those because they are going to set you off step by step. If you find that you have a lot more time and you want to get ahead, go to the forum, look for “Clubs” and read the each day respectively. Again, if you have time, I suggest you read all of them once and then come back and follow them day by day.

WA has a Chat section and the owners, Kyle and Carson, are usually there to answer questions. They are more than glad you’re in and they will answer your questions if you ask.

It is easy to get overwhelmed within the first month, it happened to me. If you do, don’t worry about it, sooner or later you’ll figure out how all this works. If you spend enough time you will see that you know what you could have missed as an affiliate marketer.

Don’t be joining Wealthy Affiliate by going directly to the website. It is better if you join through an affiliate marketer. You are getting to this opportunity because you searched and learned from what others have published, they are the ones that helped you get to this point. For example, if you click on the first link almost at the end of this article and join, I will get a commission from your membership, If you go directly to the sign in page no one gets a commission and the owners get to keep all the pie that others worked for.

I hope this article is helping you in joining Wealthy Affiliate.In my Wealthy Affiliate Website you will find some other information about Wealthy Affiliate.

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