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Article by Lukespook

IF you are reading this article it is likely that you are either already dabbling in the on-line marketing scene and have begun to research different internet marketing websites and programs….OR…You are interested in trying your hand at making a few extra dollars on the internet.If you fall into one of the above categories, then chances are you have stumbled across the Wealthy Affiliates at some point or another. To be completely honest with you, there are many, many internet marketing training programs on the internet these days. Some of them actually cost you an arm and a leg, too. I saw one the other day boasting to be able to turn me into an affiliate marketing genius making upwards of 00 dollars a day before the end of this month. It only costs (a one time payment of) 00 bucks… Whoah!!!!Five grand is a lot of money to fork out for something that you can get for a fraction of the cost. How does a month sound…Sounds a lot more attractive than 00 up front doesn’t it?

With all the other sites claiming to be greater than the next, you may be wondering “Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?” or “Are they just going to give me the same information as all the others?” or even worse “Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?”

Well, My name is Luke and I am a very active member of the Wealthy Affiliates. I am also here to hopefully provide YOU with some of the answers to your questions and put some of your fears to rest.In case you are wondering HOW I am able to know what questions you have, IF ANY… I was once in the same shoes as you and I had many questions that I needed answers to before I became a Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s Get Started by putting the two biggest questions to the test=)“Is Wealthy Affiliate a S.C.A.M.?”

To be perfectly honest with you, ‘NO, IT IS NOT!!’. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Wealthy Affiliate University is 100% legitimate in all that it does for it’s members. There are ‘NO’ hidden fees or false truths behind what they offer and getting rich quickly is NOT a part of what they offer. By all means, this is not a get rich quick site nor is it MLM or some kind of pyramid scheme. Of course you will receive commissions for signing up members, but those commissions are only ONE level, meaning the commissions you will recieve are ONLY from members you have directly signed up YOURSELF!!The Wealthy Affiliate training process is the BEST available, bar none… Here is a program that will take you by the hand and teach even the newest of internet marketers how to become profitable in many more ways than one. From Article Marketing to PPC marketing, Email marketing, and more… There is NO single marketing method that has NOT been covered at the Wealthy Affiliates.The training is only one part of what becoming a member provides, the tools they offer are another. They provide all the tools you will need to set up and run websites, along with FREE website hosting for as many domains as you wish to have. They provide you with access to the largest on-line community of internet marketers that you will have ever seen… and they are all willing to help set YOU up and get YOU on the road to becoming successful.

“Why Should I Choose Wealthy Affiliate Over Other Programs?”

Now you may be wondering why you should choose Wealthy Affiliate over other programs. I know I asked myself WHY more than once when I first decided to become an internet marketer, and the answer became clearer the more I shopped around. ‘NO’ other site offers anywhere near what the Wealthy Affiliates do, some may offer a tutorial on article marketing, another may focus on selling products on a website you create, while another may focus on pay per click advertising. The Wealthy Affiliate University has detailed tutorials on every aspect of internet marketing and the on-line marketing world. Upon becoming a member of this amazing community, you will instantly have all of this information and every tool you will ever need at your fingertips.Wealthy Affiliate is a pay by the month membership site and memberships can be cancelled at any time from within your paypal account. You owe it to yourself to take advantage of the resources they can offer you.

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