Liason’s Wealthy Affiliate Review

Its not get rich quick and its not money for nothing. What it actually seems to be is one of the best internet marketing teaching and coaching communities out there. People learn affiliate basic techniques to make a little extra cash. Some even exceed their original goals because of the information they learned from Wealthy Affiliate. And they can prove their success as well.

Have you ever wanted a few extra bucks, or the ability to earn unlimited income? The answer is YES I bet. So, good luck and I hope you to find your marketing niche. Wealthy Affiliate has the most wide array of Internet marketing tools available in the World. From advertising techniques, to finding the right audiences, and choosing HOT products that sell like crazy, to 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching by Kyle and Carson. Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to make money online.


Just within my very first week, I got my very own domain name, Incredible. Then with being a wealthy affiliate member I received free webhosting. Yeap, FREE. I had access to WA forums and WA Spaces, where I was able to post and talk to real people that had real experiences and even successes with internet marketing. I read, and read, and read until I couldn’t read anymore. So much information in the stickies alone were simply amazing.

By day two, I accomplished two very big jobs. First, I became an actual affiliate and learn to post two ads using adwords. Man, was I jazzed. Day three was SiteRubix. Wealthy Affiliate members get to use this great tool to build their own websites.

In just three days, i was an internet affiliate marketer.I had a website offering five different niche catagories.

Day four was a bummer. Why you ask? Because my damn day job got in the way! So, since I had to work, I just decided to write and publish my Blog while I was at work. Nothing special, but a Blog none the less.

Day five had me ready to publish my very first squidoo article before I had to go back to work. ( this day job is getting in my way, but its days are number, lol). by day six, my article is getting reviews, I am talking to more new friends at WA, and people are actually visiting my website. My day seven was sweet. By this time I had over 104,000 google impressions and 82 clicks to my website. The excitement is spectacular and you can do the same. I can’t wait to see my first year’s results.

The information that I was able to gain from Wealthy Affiliate is Priceless, the community forums are friendly, and the access to important internet marketing tools are available to every member. Amazing! Please see my home page for other helpful reviews

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