Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate – Three Different Methods of Earning Money Online

Are you dumbfounded as to how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate? Perhaps you are brand new to internet marketing and have been curious about Wealthy Affiliate? The article below should help answer some of your questions about how to earn money online as an affiliate as well as whether or not Wealthy Affiliate is right for you. There are many different ways to make money with Wealthy Affiliate, but three of the most popular ways are discussed below.

1. Become an Affiliate: Wealthy Affiliate offers one of the best affiliate compensation programs out there. If you are new to the term affiliate, all the more reason to join and find out the missing piece that will allow you to earn money online. Marketing WA to friends, family members or even strangers will earn you reoccurring commissions if someone joins through your personal affiliate link. As long as that person remains a member of Wealthy Affiliate you will earn between .50 and .50 per month (if they signed up for a monthly subscription) or 5.00 per year (when they sign up for an annual subscription).

2. Apply for WA Jobs: Inside the Wealthy Affiliate community there is a place to either post a job you need done, or apply for a job. These jobs can vary from writing articles, advertising, web design, graphic design or SEO. If you have a particular skill that will help others with their own campaigns, you could be earning money within a day or so once the bidding process is complete and someone has been hired for the job.

3. Learn PPC or Article Marketing: Learning how to use Pay-Per-Click advertising or the free method article marketing can allow you to become an affiliate for just about any product out there. So instead of just marketing Wealthy Affiliate, you could market an e-book or a physical product of your choosing. The sky is the limit with affiliate marketing and WA will teach you how to get started with this exciting career.

As you can see there are many different ways to make money with Wealthy Affiliate; use WA as a guide to becoming an affiliate for any product and find jobs that you can do right now with WA Jobs. In addition to these options Wealthy Affiliate also has its own currency; WA Gold is strictly for WA members and is a way to make money online with Wealthy Affiliate by helping others. When you offer something of value to its members you will be rewarded with gold, you also earn 10 gold pieces each month just by being a member. You can cash this gold out anytime and have it put into your Paypal account to spend any way you like. It can be a great way to reinvest in your business. Making money with Wealthy Affiliate either by becoming an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate or any other product you can start creating a passive income online. If you need some money right now, put a bid in for one of the many WA jobs available.

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