My Wealthy Affiliate Opinion – An Insider’s 3-Point Opinion And Review About Wealthy Affiliate

Article by David Kowalsky

So you’ve been dabbling around the affiliate marketing world for a couple of days now?


Then I’d bet that you’ve heard of the Wealthy Affiliate website started by Kyle and Carson. After all, you wouldn’t be searching for an unbiased Wealthy Affiliate opinion and review if you haven’t!

So what is this Wealthy Affiliate website all about?

Is it really what it claims to be – the ONLY affiliate marketing university in the internet that teaches you everything you need to know how to make money online?

Read…and read WELL as an insider reveals his 3-point Wealthy Affiliate opinion and review right at this page.

Just in case you’re not aware, I’m the ‘insider’ by the way.

Let’s bring the unbiased opinion and review to the plate!

Wealthy Affiliate Opinion And Review Point 1I’ve joined numerous websites like Wealthy Affiliate before. All of them promise one thing – to equip me with all of the tools and knowledge NEEDED to make it BIG online.

HOWEVER, to my disappointment, inside many of these membership sites, all I could find was MORE promotions and MORE products plus services that they say is a MUST-buy.

And when I buy that product they’re offering inside the website that’s supposed to teach me everything I need to know, another endless streams of ads and promotions greet me.

To my surprise, Wealthy Affiliate has NONE of those! Matter of fact, Kyle and Carson – the Wealthy Affiliate founders, stress that you shouldn’t buy anything else – tools, ebooks, guides, etc.

Not to mention these guys have a knack for doing profitable affiliate marketing without spending a dime…and more importantly, they teach you how to do it, too!

Wealthy Affiliate Opinion And Review Point 2Now onto the guides and lessons inside Wealthy Affiliate, how do they fare?

Well, to put things in simpler light, the instruction I got inside Wealthy Affiliate was nothing short of amazing! Every video tutorial, every ebook, every guide, etc. was VERY detailed yet simple to understand.

Heck! Even someone as average as I am was able to read through, learn, and implement the money making techniques they outlined inside!

Wealthy Affiliate Opinion And Review Point 3″BUT have you made money through affiliate marketing with what they taught you?”

I know that question is lingering at the back of your head. After all, all of those great lessons and money making tutorials taught inside Wealthy Affiliate would be a waste if it can’t help me make my first dime.

HOWEVER, here’s my answer – YES! I have made my first 5 within my first month on affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate.

5 may NOT sound a lot. BUT I’ve been in the biz for more than 6 months now, and I’m now making 10 times more than that…all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!

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