Online Marketing Instructional Leaders Wealthy Affiliate to Host Open House

Article by Adrienne Collier

“The problem we have is that people join WA and say: ‘I can’t believe that I finally found a service like you guys!'” So say the owners of Wealthy Affiliate University, the leaders in legitimate online marketing instruction. But why would they consider THAT a “problem”? Because of all the con artists who have given Internet marketing such a bad name. Well, here’s what they’ve decided to do about it!

March 1, 2011 will be a red-letter day for all who have wanted to get started in the online moneymaking field, but have found it to be a vast wasteland. That is the day when you’ll be able to go to Wealthy Affiliate University, and take an extended tour of their online “campus!”

Since the doors of opened in 2005 by a pair of Canadian computer students, it has become the premier source of comprehensive Internet marketing instruction. WAU can boast of having tens of thousands of members representing all four corners of the world.

More important, several of those members have managed to become millionaires without posing as fast-talking, high-priced overnight “gurus” or resorting to the kinds of take-the-money-and-run scams that have given Internet marketing such a disreputable image.

A steady, sustainable full or part-time income is quite realistic once you’ve learned the proper marketing, wholesaling, and retailing techniques. And since your biggest investments in learning how to make money at home should only be of your self-motivation and patience, Wealthy Affiliate University makes every effort to keep its “tuition” costs low.

From 12 noon EST on March 1 through March 8, anyone paying just one US dollar (.00 US) will be able to log in to Wealthy Affiliate Open House signup page and have seven days in which to review all its facilities: the four hundred-plus online training modules, the research tools, the member blogs and community support forums. If you’ve heard of ClickBank, Google Adsense or Amazon, this is where you’ll learn how to get the most out of working with them — logistically as well as financially!

But if you can’t spare the dollar, WAU has two other offers you can’t refuse:

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On March 1, there will be a free Webinar from a WAU member who will take you on a video walkthrough of the site. It begins at 9PM (21:00) EST, (+5:00 GMT). Click here to make a reservation and get system requirements.And here is where you can sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate University free MAD Marketing Method, an online course which teach you the basics of scam-free Internet marketing.

If you prefer getting rich smart to getting rich quick, Wealthy Affiliate University is the place for you!

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