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Now Review Of Wealthy Affiliate for starters let’s begin with the Good, then End with the Negatives.Wealthy Affiliate is a full online program that is suppose to be able to show anyone at any level of online experience and show them how to stay at home to make a successful Full-time income online..Now let’s take a look by rating in the following areas from a 1 – 10, 10 being the best grade possible..Usability – This is where the rubber meets the road, most programs similar to this fail in this category. This is the ranking of the average persons ability to use the system effectively without getting lost in the system. These guys do have a 13 week course that requires about 15 – 20 hours per week, and they do take you from the very beginners level, and requires no outside programs.. Compared to so many of it’s competitors that come with many added charges.Usability – Grade 9 (I would have given it a 10 but the last 3 weeks were too time consuming and packed with too much unnecessary information)

Effectiveness – This is by far the most important one,this is basically answering the question “If you follow this program as instructed will you Make Some Money?” period.This is the only program I ever rated in this field that I can say Absolutely! How much I will say that will vary It will totally depend upon what you decide to market online. For example if you decide to market books for a .00 profit for everyone sold you will make less than .00 in you first few weeks, but if you decide to market ebooks or weight loss programs for a .00 profit per sale, I seen many people make 00.00 within 2 – 4 weeks with no prior experience in marketing online.

Effectiveness – Grade 10Support – This is very important to those that are new to this online marketing game. They have many fast avenues of support at wealthy affiliate, first they have the forum which you can go at a click of a button and get your questions answered immediately, they also have the fastest support email I ever seen with any online company these guys get back to you within 5 – 10 minutes every time I ever made contact with them, and their third form of contact is emailing the owners and makers of the program themselves these guy as well get back to you asap within the hour, and lastly is the telephone, great telephone service no long waiting or being placed on hold.Support – Grade 10Risk – This is the second most important thing when it comes to these types of programs. Your risk level will really depend on your time you have to put into it, this is the best way to grade this as far as risk is concerned.. If you are willing to put 3 – 4 hours per day six days per week into this, your risk factor will be close to about 0.. If you can spare about 2 hours per day five days per week your risk factor will be about 50/50, If you have less than 12 hours per week you can put into this program this for sure is NOT A BUY.Risk – 8 (but totally depends on time you are willing to put into it)Guarantee – This is the only bad grade I can give this product because when it comes to a Guarantee there is NONE – NO MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. So if you are really considering becoming a member of wealthy affiliate please be sure you have considered that you will need about 20 hours per week for this to work for you.Guarantee – 0Other – They do make the claim that this program will only take about one hour per day and you can be at 00.00 per month within a few weeks, do not fall for this although there are plenty of six and seven figure income earners within this program using this system, but they have all started off doing this full time, and worked hard at it..If you can start off doing this program 40 hours per week you will for sure be at 00.00 per month within two months, but at 20 hours per week possible, but at 10 hours per week No Way..

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