Start Your Own Home Based Affiliate Business To Achieve The Life You Want

Article by Moira Wight

Does your life seem to be one long, dreary routine? Do you get up early and fight the traffic to get to work, then slave away in an office all day long. At the same time each day you drive home again battling the traffic once more, watch the television when you get there, and then finally go to bed exhausted only to repeat it again the next day.

Do you feel that your life is slipping away with nothing to show for it? Why put up with this state of affairs when there is something you can do about it. If you have had enough and are looking to go out on your own, then here are some things you ought to consider when choosing a business.


If you put the search term “franchises” into a search engine such as Google you will be presented with many, many options to choose from – home handyman, to distributing ice-creams to hotels, car cleaning, selling greeting cards, cleaning wheelie bins, dog washing, carpet cleaning or even frying burgers in a mobile van.

It has been said that franchises are ready made businesses, with proven business models and backup support. Many claim to be a guarantee of success. If you go off to the trade shows and do the research with all their glossy magazines, it becomes apparent that all you are really doing when buying a franchise is buying yourself a minimum wage job which masquerades as your own business. You will spend 5 – 10 years working hard to pay back the franchise fee. Look out for the cost of the franchise and what you will be doing for all those years while paying back the royalty fees to own it.

What about Traditional Businesses?

You could consider purchasing a business which you own outright and have total control over. Try getting some of the national papers, Dalton’s Weekly, or do a search on the internet “businesses for sale” to find a range of business ventures for sale.

Many of them will state such features as “truly rare opportunity to acquire” or “with vast potential for new owner to develop.” If this was indeed the case then why did the present owners not exploit this potential and moreover what was the real reason for selling the business.

Further investigations would show that traditional businesses struggle because the margin for mark ups are only from 5 – 30% There are generally many overheads expenses such as rent for the premises, fittings and fixtures to be paid for, health and safety requirements to be taken care of, decorating, heating payments, phone bills, leases, maintenance, insurances and costs of complying with government regulations.

So what would be the best home based business that makes good money?

A home based business should be about a lifestyle choice as well as a business. It should ultimately, once set up, give you the lifestyle that you have been dreaming about. Ideally this would be working for only a few hours each day and involve no staff, no premises, no worrying overhead costs and no face to face selling. It would of course not entail commuting and no pressure or a boss. The most important factor of all is that it should give you a good monthly income. This would trully be more of a lifestyle choice than a business.

There are real live business models which incorporate all the above features and many people around the world have become successful using these systems. An example of one of these business models would a home based affiliate business. There are four main points which need to be in place to make the kind of money to live this “dreamed about” lifestyle.

1. You need to achieve large profits from the products you sell.

2. You need to work from your own home – so that you do not incur the costs of a traditional business or franchise. If you work from home you can cut your costs by as much as 90 -95 %

3. You need to be 100% sure that each time you sell your product you will make a profit – ie control your bank

4. You need to find a hungry group of customers who will buy your product

The only way to become wealthy is to have access to a product, which a group of customers are hungry to buy.

Learn about this home based affiliate business model and you will be able to achieve the life you want.

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