Understanding Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Article by Gavin Sim

Understand what is PPC and start promoting

Understand PPC first. Head on for more of my lessons later.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Now that I have explained earlier from my other page what affiliate marketing is, its time to go into how you could drive traffic to your site/page/product.

For that… the lesson of this Article is…

-know what is PPC-how to set up a PPC account

Knowing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertisements

Ever wondered what those sponsored listing on top of your search results is? Wonder why they were able to be at that exact spot you wanted your ad to be?

Those, my friends, are paid for listings, as many of you would already know. The normal organic results would depend largely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to be on the first page…


If you pay a few cents to a few dollars per click… you get your website listed, right on the top for the keywords you select. Great way to let everyone know and go to your site isn’t it? Read on to learn more…

What is PPC?

PPC is pay-per-click. I would expect you to know that by now. And as the name goes by, it means that you pay the company putting up your ads ONLY when the internet user CLICKS ON YOUR ADS.

Great targeted traffic as your ads would only appear if the user searches using YOUR targeted keyword. Confused? Fret not. I would explain more in the article later.

The MAIN benefit of PPC is that you can get highly targeted traffic to you site within minutes, and improve your click through rates and conversions. Bascially, that means more SALES.

Where can I sign up for PPC?

There are many sites where you can sign up for a PPC account… But we all know that Google is the big daddy of search engines, and there are millions performing searches on Google all the time. Thus, I recommend that you set up an account with Google.

You can do so here.

I do not have a website or product to promote, can I still sign up?

Yes, you may. When you first sign up, you would be asked certain standard questions like your language and currency etc. Answer those accordingly.

What follows next would be to set up a campaign, an advertising campaign that is. Since you do not have any website to promote yet, you will have to set up a “bogus” campaign. After that you will have to enter an URL to promote, type any you have in mind and set the Maximum-Cost-Per-Click to .01 and daily budget to .00. After all of that is done, you are ready to sign into your Google Adwords account.

I am so into this Adwords thingy already! Any recommended read?

Yes there is. There is a very good read on Adwords by Kyle and Carson, founders of Wealthy Affiliate in which I personally is a member of.

It is called Beating Adwords.

Beating Adwords contains many techniques methods to fully utilize Google Adwords to promote your desired product. Even beginners can follow it closely and make it work relatively easily.

I would still recommend beginners to first join Wealthy Affiliate, which contains comprehensive guides for all levels contain many tips and guides for Affiliate Marketers. After that, you might then want to consider buying more ebooks to improve on.

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