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Article by Ronn Espy

Wealthy Affiliate has added a Clickbank Research Tool to the impressive list of tools available at it’s “Internet Marketing University”, WealthyAffiliate.com. This Wealthy Affiliate Clickbank software is comprehensive and allows members to quickly do Clickbank product research in one place. This valuable affiliate Clickbank software is available at no cost to all Wealthy Affiliate members.

One key to successful internet marketing is research, research, research. Product research, keyword research, even competition research are tasks that successful marketers do, and do well. Many who enter the internet marketing arena overlook the importance of research and they perish, while others are not as profitable as they could be. Some reasons that many unsuccessful internet marketers don’t do research are: (1)they don’t understand the importance of research (2) the time involved (3) they don’t have the right tools (or the right research tools cost too much (4) they’re lazy. The Wealthy Affiliate Research Center removes three out of the four reasons.

Wealthy Affiliate stresses the importance of research and backs that up by adding the Wealthy Affiliate Clickbank software. The Wealthy Affiliate Clickbank research tool makes Clickbank product research a snap. The Clickbank Marketplace is limited in its functionality and does not give some important information needed to determine which product to promote. Data such as, the product refund rate, whether a product is hot and selling like crazy, whether a product is no longer selling and may have reached the point of saturation or the top new products on Clickbank.

The Wealthy Affiliate Clickbank software takes the grind and drudgery out of Clickbank product research. Featured is a Quick Search area where with one click of the mouse you can access the Hot 20 Picks-the products that are on the rise and selling like crazy; Top New Products-lets you see the new rising stars on Clickbank; Hot or Not-lets you see the top 10 gainers and the top 10 losers on Clickbank. There is also a Search feature similiar to Clickbank Marketplace’s but with added functionlity to allow you to target rank, merchant, keyword and more.

Though there is similiar affiliate Clickbank software available online that you can pay for, Wealthy Affiliate members get the use of this powerful research tool free. When used with other free tools in the Wealthy Affiliate Research Center such as the Keyword Research Tool, Keyword Generator, Competition Listings tool and more, all of your product and campaign research is made more efficient.The Wealthy Affiliate Clickbank software automatically gathers important product information for you that if done manually could take an immense amount of time, time that could be much better spent promoting money making products.

When armed with the Wealthy Affiliate Clickbank Research Tool and all the tools and resources available at the Wealthy Affiliate 2.0 such as one on one coaching, video tuturials, case studies, website templates, live chat, courses, a famous forum and more…it’s easy to see why Wealthy Affiliate members become profitable online. The Wealthy Affiliate covers internet marketing from A to Z for beginners thru advanced marketers see here. The affiliate Clickbank software is definitely a valuable addition and another example of how the Wealthy Affiliates continue to update WealthyAffiliate.com and over deliver to Wealthy Affiliate members.

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