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The Wealthy Affiliate Program was set-up to help absolute novices to internet marketing become successful and earn money online. The Wealthy Affiliate facts are, that whilst affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it does offer the opportunity to earn money (and often quite a lot of money) working from home with little more than your own computer, an internet connection, and the desire to learn something new.So what are the Wealthy Affiliate facts about internet marketing? Well, one of the first things that you will discover is that just about anyone can become an internet marketer! Age is certainly no barrier, successful internet marketers can be any age whether in their teens or in the golden years of retirement. Many college students make great money internet marketing, and equally so do many retirees.Are you worried you can’t learn the skills necessary to be successful? Don’t be! People from all walks of life, including many stay at home moms who can’t be in the work force but certainly could do with some extra income, find that once they learn the basic skill set to begin internet marketing, they never look back. The Wealthy Affiliate facts are that many of its most financially successful members belong to the stay at home moms group. Truthfully, learning internet marketing the W. A. way allows many women to earn extra money whilst working the hours that suit them. They can earn whilst still looking after young children, home and husbands.So what are the Wealthy Affiliate facts about the actual WA program itself? The program’s success lies in the success and foresight of the program’s two original founders, known in internet marketing circles as “Kyle and Carson”. Both Kyle and Carson became millionaires through internet marketing and achieved that status by the tender age of 25! The Wealthy Affiliate facts are, having made their own fortunes,they wanted to give something back. The Wealthy Affiliate program was thus developed to give everyone who wanted to, the chance to learn effective affiliate marketing skills and make money themselves.The WA program takes absolute beginners and teaches them the basic skills they need to begin an internet marketing career. The Wealthy Affiliate facts are though, that you do need to be ready to learn and the program provides a gentle eight week learning program to help you do just that. Following the eight week program, members continue to learn through the many advanced learning resources available to all members of the program. With state of the art resources, an advanced support forum, web-site generating software and site hosting all included in the WA membership, internet marketing is made as user friendly as it can be – especially for complete beginners.Possibly one of the most important Wealthy Affiliate facts to consider is the price of the program. Surprisingly, especially as the program presents so many high quality resources and support systems, the pricing is very affordable. Additionally membership can be on a month by month basis or discounted if membership is paid in a yearly fee.Have my Wealthy Affiliate facts got you interested in an internet marketing career? Certainly, if you are searching for a make money from home opportunity, internet marketing using the Wealthy Affiliate program may just be the answer you are searching for. Internet marketing is not new nor is it complicated, with thousands of everyday people making a good income from their affiliate marketing endeavours. With the internet expanding at an ever increasing rate, the opportunities to make an income from a home based business are greater than ever before.Wealthy Affiliate is the leading provider of internet marketing resources available on the net today. If you would like to learn more about the Wealthy Affiliate Program and the opportunities that await from becoming an affiliate marketer, please follow the highlighted link to Wealthy Affiliate Facts

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