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Article by Gerald Wiley

Are you looking for Wealthy Affiliate Information?

Hi, If you are reading this article then the chances are that you have been looking into ways of making money online. You will have no doubt come across many a scheme that claim you can be an overnight success, that you will be living in the lap of luxury once you have paid for this life changing discovery. I know that’s what I did, and every promising opportunity turned into a dead end after a little researched proved them to be scam after scam. Then I came across Wealthy Affiliate, and after researching a bit more information on them decided that there might actually be something to this one. So, as you no doubt guessed, I joined.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

If it is Wealthy Affiliate information you are looking for then the first thing you should know is that it is not some ebook that could have been written any time in the last 10 years and vaguely points you in the right direction of how to become an internet marketer. WA is more like a club, for which you pay a recurring subscription for. So why keep paying when you can get the same information in an ebook for a one off payment? Well as I said, that ebook could have been written 10 years ago. Do you really think it is going to be 100% relevant now? Sure the basic principles of marketing are the same, same as they where 100 years ago, so why not just get a book on marketing from the library.

So What’s in Wealthy Affiliate?

As a Wealthy Affiliate member you will have access to an ever updating and expanding pool of resources that adapts to the evolving world of marketing that internet technologies facilitate (something that an ebook just cannot offer):

8 Week Action Plan: This is really the nuts and bolts of Wealthy Affiliate information for a new starter. An 8 week course that introduces you to the extensive features of the members area and how to get an internet marketing business off the ground.

Learning Centre: Tutorials on all aspects of internet marketing from junior level, through intermediate to senior. Written by the original Wealthy Affiliates: Kyle & Carson.

WA Forum: Over 25000 active members and growing, and closed to the outside world! Here you can ask for help and gain access to the success stories of those that trod before you. A true Wealthy Affiliate information gold mine.

Share Zone: WA members provide their own guides on how they found success, for you to download and keep. The library is constantly growing with fresh ideas tried and tested by WA members.

Site Rubix: Excellent website builder, you also get free web hosting thrown in!

And there is more, much more: Keyword research tools, keyword generator, competition spy tools, niche research system. There is so much more information at Wealthy Affiliate that it simply can’t fit into this article. Why can’t I make my article longer? – I hear you ask. Well I could if I wanted, but there is a trick to getting a better position in search engine results based on the number of words in an article. One of the first of many lessons I learned here at Wealthy Affiliate!

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