Wealthy Affiliate – is it a scam?

Article by Samuel

Internet has grown quickly over the last decade. In fact it has seen rapid growth which hasn’t been observed anywhere else. This growth has given birth too many money making opportunities over the years. One of the most successful and result oriented opportunity is to make money from affiliate marketing. You can easily learn this marketing skill without even spending years in a school or college. All you have to do is to locate the right resources on the internet and then use them to learn the affiliate marketing.

The problem with the free resources is that they are not of any good use. You can really learn the basics for free but when it comes to advanced techniques and learning, you will have to pay in one way or another. This is where scams cash in.

Wealthy Affiliate, one of the most hyped online training universities for affiliate marketing, is often considered a scam. When you will research the things for yourself, you will quickly recognize that the people calling it a scam do not know the real thing. If you are coming to this online university to become millionaire over night, then you are on the wrong train and Wealthy Affiliate is a scam for you.

What is a scam by the way? The one who makes certain claims and when you pay for it, the things turn out differently. This online university cannot come under that category as it makes no fake promises. You are told that you will have access to material and you will be given a course which will help you learn affiliate marketing.

Now when you pay and join the website, you are given more than this. You are not only trained there but are also provided an atmosphere where learning becomes optimized. They do not make any stupid promises and there is nothing fake out there. Just do the research yourself and you will know everything.

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