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New to affiliate marketing? Feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next? I know that feeling all too well and so do many others. There are plenty of programs and people out there that use that to their advantage to scam and rip people off. I would like to help as many of you as I can find success as I have. Hopefully in sharing what I have gained in my Wealthy Affiliate membership, I can help put you on the right path.

At this point you may be wondering how you can be sure this isn’t a scam as well. One thing I always noticed about programs that were “shady” was the huge lack of information. If you come across something that can’t even tell you how you will be making money with their program, then turn back! If it seems sketchy, shady or vague, then you can pretty much bet it’s a scam. With the Wealthy Affiliate membership information is exactly what you get!

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for some time now. Their website is full of testimonials from thousands who have found success using the tools they were given with their Wealthy Affiliate membership. The program consists of training and various tools and resources. The Training Center includes the Getting Started Action Plan that takes you through exactly what affiliate marketing is. There are over 400 lessons and tutorials on the various marketing strategies and techniques. These include:

Article MarketingEmail MarketingPPC (Pay Per Click) MarketingResearching Keywords and NichesSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)Website DevelopmentWeb Hosting

The Tools and Resources included in the Wealthy Affiliate membership are:

Keyword Research ToolNicheQ Research SystemClickbank Research ToolMy-Linker Cloaking ToolRapid Writer (Article optimization tool)Site Rubix Website BuilderWebsite TemplatesWordPress Express-NEW

Some of the lessons and tutorials included in the Wealthy Affiliate membership are sold for hundreds as ebooks. And they may only cover one of the topics listed above. The lessons and information on the Wealthy Affiliate website are always being updated with the latest in the world of affiliate marketing. You can find numerous lessons on these different techniques so that you can be sure you are getting your questions answered. There are different styles of teaching so you can be sure to find what works best for you.

Some of the resources that come free with your Wealthy Affiliate membership are being sold for hundreds of dollars. As a member you have unlimited access to these. Thousands of dollars worth of free tools and information all included with your Wealthy Affiliate membership.

One of the most important things you will find once you join is the community. You can set up a profile and start interacting with thousands of successful affiliate marketers who share the same goals you do. Find answers to all your questions in the forum. Get advice from experts in every category of online marketing, including Kyle and Carson themselves (co-founders). This is what I believe to be the most valuable and long term benefit of the Wealthy Affiliate membership.

As with anything new in life, it can be scary and overwhelming. And I am not saying it won’t be that way at first. But Wealthy Affiliate is and has been the road to success for thousands. Take the first step and start your Wealthy Affiliate membership today by clicking here

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I researched affiliate marketing for a long time before finally taking my first step. I never felt secure enough to go with any of the programs I found until I came across Wealthy Affiliate. They give you the tools and teaching, you just have to put them to use. I want to help others find success as I have. The only way to fail at this is if you don’t try!

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