Wealthy Affiliate – No Better Than the Rest

Article by Samuel

I have had quite a bit of experience with internet marketing sites and other sites that give you dozens of ideas about how to make money from home. So you can call me a veteran in these matters, and I’ve discovered that they all do the same thing – make you spend money with the lure of riches.

Recently, a friend called me up and told me about a site called Wealthy Affiliate. I almost hung up on him, but he stuck to his guns and went on to send me a bunch of links to reviews of Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t know how these review authors manage to make money, and I wonder how many of them are genuine at all. One thing I’ve been pretty happy about is the consistency about all these internet marketing sites. So after having tried a few of them, you don’t need to risk more of your money and lose more because you understand what they sell – they sell hopes. And you buy hopes.

I did go through Wealthy Affiliate just because my friend wouldn’t stop hounding me about it until I told him what I felt about it. I just left him with a warning that I wouldn’t advise spending any money on membership fees and stuff. I guess he wanted to learn his lessons the hard way, just as I had with all those internet marketing and work-from-home products and concepts. I won’t bother with the details of what they offer and how it’s all hype and no substance. I won’t bother to dissect the cause for most failures in internet marketing. I will simply sign off by saying that most of these things just don’t work, and there’s ample proof that they don’t. If they did, trust me, neither my husband nor my neighbor’s would be slogging it out at their regular offices, and all of us would be happily clicking away at home, with our bank counters ringing. Apparently, that’s not the way life goes. Anyway, Wealthy Affiliate may be wealthy, but I would like to sign off saying that it just doesn’t work your way. Stay away.

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Samuel is writing about wealthy affiliate for last few years based on his experience in finance,He had published many articles about wealthy affiliate scam too.

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