Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review


Everything you need to know about Wealhy Affiliate

Are you struggling to make ends meet?  Are you frustrated with searching the internet for ‘work from home’ jobs?  Do you have spare time to learn new skills?  Can you then take those new skills and transform them into a productive career? 


If you answered “yes”, then look no further.  Wealthy Affiliate University is the answer!  Wealthy Affiliate is the most complete and best training available to earn an income online.  This is a step by step program to train its member to become successful affiliate marketers, and will provide every tool you’ll need along the way.


What drew me to the program was that not one review that I read claimed to be a “get rich quick” scheme.  As anyone should be, I was leery of yet another scam, but the more and more I researched WA I learned that it’s a tool to success.  I even e-mailed members prior to joining; it was that one on one attention that seemed to set this apart from other programs.  This isn’t a “buy this e-book” and good luck, it’s a network of people all working hard to achieve a common goal.  Everyone that is involved in this says upfront that it takes work on your part to be successful, and also offer any assistance you may need to make that happen!  The keys to financial freedom are tucked away inside this opportunity.  Are you ready to take the first step? 



Just as in any occupation you must have training, and within WA you’ll get just that.  Not only will you learn from the 12 week training plan they have established, but you can reach out to other members.  You will learn how to advertize products for huge retail companies such as Amazon or from the thousands of products on ClickBank.  Commissions will range anywhere from 3% to 75%.  If you can think of a product there’s more than likely an affiliate program in place for you to utilize.  Since I’ve joined I’ve found that there are a host of retail companies that have affiliate programs (Best Buy and Newegg.com, just to name two) that you can use to promote virtually any product that comes to mind.  And the best part about this is that you can choose a product that interests you!  Something that you already know about! And if you already know about something, promoting it is that much easier.


Inside WA you will learn techniques like:

–          Google Adwords

–          PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing)

–          SEO (Search Enging Optiminzation) Training

–          Article Marketing Training

–          E-mail Marketing Training

–          Copywriting

–          Website Development

–          Developing Landing Pages

Tools you will have access to:

–          Free Web Hosting

–          Free Website Builder

–          Free Link Cloaker

–          Private Members Only Forum

–          Rapid Writer (write 30 articles in 30 minutes)

–          One-on-One coaching

–          Keyword Phrase Generator

–          Competition Spying Tool

–          Analytics Tool

–          Affiliate Link Tracking Software

–          ClickBank.com Research Tool


By joining WA you’re making an investment not only into learning the ropes, so to speak, but also into your personal financial freedom.  You’re a few clicks away!  Start here!

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