Wealthy Affiliate Review – From A Complete Newbie

I am going to give you a look within the Wealthy Affiliate from a complete newbie’s viewpoint.I have only been a member since the 21st of December 2010 and I have only started checking on Affiliate Marketing a few days before that.You start off endeavoring to get so much info that it all becomes very overwhelming and puzzling.You enroll at free Ebooks,free this,free that and before long you possess an avalanche of Emails trying to trade you the next great product.

Now you begin to get really confused and have no way of knowing the place to begin.Then it is time for a reality check.You have all this information and you just appear to be chasing your tail.Then I found the Wealthy Affiliate University.I Googled it and read review after review,watched videos on youtube by various people.There was tons of good information there about the site so I chose to take the plunge and take  a subscription.Now you aren’t locked into any  sort of  contract as it is a month by month subscription so if you feel it is not for you then you can simply cancel.

It was time to go and dive in around and see if everything I had read in the reviews and watched on youtube was not just a big sales pitch.I was flabbergasted at how well this site is set up.In the initial few days before I subscribed to the Wealthy Affiliate trying to find resources to start my marketing career(had already spent a few  hundred dollars) there was everything I required at the one site.The most astonishing thing I have discovered from a newbie’s standpoint is the training center.But believe me there is something there for the most experienced as well.The nicest thing about the training center is that they have an action plan which takes you through a course one week at a time.If you finish the course prior to the week is up you can’t just start the next lesson.It gives you plenty of time to go over the first weeks lesson and do more reasearch or simply have a good look around inside the University.Admittedly there is sufficient amount of free stuff you can do with Google but without some type of action plan you just appear to get nowhere.

They have a very large forum and the amount of information that you are able to collect from there is invaluable.There is always someone that will aid in the process.Now I have not made any sort of income (yet) but I now have a step by step plan to follow and I can see I am going on the right path.

For me the Wealthy Affiliate University has been just what I required to get organised.There really is a wealth of details close to hand.

The Wealty Affiliate University has really been a big help to me.I have finally found direction and believe me there is a lot of very good content.There is so much to learn when you are just starting off that in the end you just get nowhere.Do yourself a favour and join the University Here

Jim Avenell

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