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Internet Affiliate Programs In Focus – Wealthy Affiliate Review

Let’s zero in on one of the top internet affiliate programs online, Wealthy Affiliate, and find out just why many affiliates are fast finding out about this great opportunity to build a consistent, passive stream of income, without wasting too much time, effort and money.

The Wealthy Affiliate University was first established by Kyle and Carson (its co-owners) less than a decade ago, with a vision to help others succeed in making money online.

Since there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of ways to make money online (that fall into the category of either legal, illegal, blackhat, whitehat, morally gray, and everything in between), these two young and budding entrepreneurs at that time decided to come up with an educational system to teach and train people all they needed to know about internet marketing.

But because the concept of internet marketing is huge, K & C decided that their program would be far different from the rest online who are more often than not, promoting get-rich-quick schemes, promising overnight success, instant claims to be a millionaire in a short span of time and in the process, enticing thousands of desperate people to shell out their hard-earned savings… only to find themselves confused and frustrated in the end. And with lesser money in their pockets.

This is often the case for people new to internet marketing. A large percentage quit and decide that it’s just not for them, when what really happened is they became subject to information overload. They were either given the wrong information, the right information at the wrong time, or a combination of both in larger doses.

It’s just like teaching a baby to sing and dance, and assume that he already knows how to walk and talk – when he’s actually only learning how to crawl and mumble a few syllables…Kyle and Carson wanted to make sure that this would not be the case with what is now known as Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

A thorough Wealthy Affiliate Review shows that it is one of the best, if not the best system that can teach anyone how to be successful at internet marketing. They do not make any rash promises, save the promise that it will help eliminate all the guesswork and take you step-by-step in the learning process, so in the end you know what to do and what decision’s best for you to take in order to make money online.

Priced at /month, WA is versatile. It has an interactive learning center that can address the needs of someone new to the world of internet marketing, and at the same time meet the demands of the veteran marketer by providing all the tools and resources at his disposal. Some of them include the highly renowned site builder (WA Site Rubix), unlimited hosting (WA Hosting), keyword research tools and spy competition tool, WA Rapid Writer for content generating and SEO optimization, and a whole lot more.

Unique to it being one of the best internet affiliate programs is that only members are allowed to promote Wealthy Affiliate. This creates a “level playing field” while at the same time becomes a “practice what you preach” thing. All the tools and resources for affiliate are provided as well, from automatic websites, to link tracking and cloaking devices, to high-quality bonuses you can offer to customers.

Basic commissions range from to 5, and since the membership is on a monthly or annual basis, affiliates can expect a regular, consistent passive stream of income as long as the people they refer remain at Wealthy Affiliate.

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