Wealthy Affiliate Review – Key Facts On One Of The Top Internet Affiliate Programs Today

There are certain key elements that the Wealthy Affiliate program has, which most people fail to notice, and few are able to take advantage of, build a successful affiliate marketing career, and earn consistent passive income online.

Many individuals do not realize it yet that this online educational system (developed by Kyle and Carson) is not just a tool to help teach you how to make a living online from scratch, or train you how to drive new leads and customers to your website.

It is more than just that. Although some members are content with paying /month for all that the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) University can do for them in terms of taking out all the guesswork in the world of internet marketing. One has access to hundreds of constantly updated tutorials, a site builder, unlimited hosting, your own personal blog, a private goldmine forum, keyword research tools, trend lists, content generators and much more.

As its co-owners said, it truly is a “1-stop” internet marketing university. And “at that kind of price and with the way the university overdelivers, many are just as happy”.


Once you make a thorough Wealthy Affiliate Review however, you’ll find that you are inside one of the currently top internet affiliate programs today.

For those who have made the decision to maximize their WA membership and take it to the next level, one can find how enriching and empowering their promotional structure is designed

Here’s some insider info:

1. Only members can participate in the WA affiliate program. – This automatically makes it a “level-playing” field and strengthens the credibility of its affiliates, as it becomes a “practice what you preach” thing. It also ensures that one is not in competition with affiliates outside of WA.

2. You don’t need to build a website to promote WA. – An amazing affiliate tool is the turn-key feeder sites which only take a few minutes to set-up and give you an immediate presence in the worldwide web. Kyle and Carson have made it this easy that even the laziest marketer can still make good money. All your links are automatically embedded into your site. And there’s no need to get hosting, as Wealthy Affiliate has its own unlimited hosting feature.

3. You are given high-quality bonuses to offer. – In order to spice up your site and get more referrals, WA gives you high quality eBooks that if bought separately, would amount around -70. You are given your own links for these which you can easily encode in your site. Visitors who enroll through your link, will not only be a part of the Wealthy Affiliate University, but have the bonus eBook they have chosen as well.

4. WA’s conversion rates remain consistent. – Overall conversion rates are at 1:40, while its top affiliates are generating conversions at less than 1:7. This simply translates to a product that definitely sells.

One is basically not alone when it comes to one’s affiliate marketing efforts at Wealthy Affiliate. They make sure that all bases are covered and your life as a marketer is easier.

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