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Article by Darryl Krikwen

During this Wealthy Affiliate review I wish to talk a little bit about Wealthy Affiliate along with the community of people that have involved themselves with them.

What specifically is Wealthy Affiliate ?

WA is an Internet marketing training website which has been voted the #1 Online marketing training program on the net right now by over 499,000 independent websites. It was launched by two collage friends who were having difficulties to make ends meet, so they partnered up to break the Internet marketing money making code.

WA was founded in 2005 by a pair guys named Kyle and Carson and ever since that day, Affiliate marketing has by no means been the same.

Wealthy Affiliate strives to take anyone who is willing to learn the way Affiliate marketing works and help them learn every aspect in which to start and operate a full time Online marketing business and be successful during the ever changing world which has become the Internet today.

The membership at Wealthy Affiliate has grew from only a few hundred members the first year, to more than 35,000 during the years to come.

WA is comprised of the just beginner to the Online marketing crowd, all the way to the full time professionals active in the field of Internet marketing.

You will find members at WA who have been there from the start and are helping the newcomers every step along the way.

There is a section of WA that contains over 19 separate forums inside the Wealthy Affiliate membership and each forum is specialized in another area of discussion on Online marketing.

If there is ever a question on any aspect of Internet marketing, the forums will be where to locate the answers. Normally, all questions will be answered in a matter of a few minutes because of the fact that there are nearly always several people in that specific forum. Generally, someone has already encountered that problem and will guide whoever needs the help into the appropriate direction.

I don’t want to forget to give credit to the ‘experts’ at WA. Each area of training that Wealthy Affiliate provides will come with a person who has been trained in that area and are reflected upon as ‘experts’.

If ever your need arises, these experts are there to direct that individual in the right direction. They have been either trained from the Wealthy Affiliates (Kyle/Carson) themselves or have proven to understand every aspect of that area of education.

I cannot think of a better place getting Internet marketing training than Wealthy Affiliate. Not only will they supply all the tools and resources the experienced Internet marketer will need; but, they are able to supply experts in their quest to train as many of those who are willing to sit and learn Internet marketing, as they possibly can.

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My name is DG Krikwen and have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since June 7th 2008. If you have the desire to start and operate your own full time Internet marketing business in 2010, Go to: www.wealthyaffiliatereviewnow.com

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