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Great commissions. Significant bonuses. Reliable support. Efficient tools and resources. A remarkable product to promote ..

These are but some of the things that affiliate marketers assess when it comes to judging the top affiliate programs online, one of them being the Wealthy Affiliate University

Wealthy Affiliate claims to have a good payout structure that rewards its affiliates on a monthly or annual basis, with other special incentives on the side. An inside look reveals more.

For a monthly membership of , users have an opportunity to eliminate the guesswork out of internet marketing or help beef up their earnings and increase their monthly profits. Wealthy Affiliate (WA), the brainchild of Kyle and Carson (its co-owners), caters to all entrepreneurs from all walks of life, and whatever stage they may be in their internet marketing career.

Because the world of internet marketing is vast, let alone its concept, WA helps each individual target his or her own strengths and find a “niche” in the economy of the world wide web; thereby, helping that person earn extra income on the side, pay up most if not all of one’s debts, or at best – fire the boss, quit one’s day job and work from the comforts of one’s own home.


It’s important to note though that Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise overnight success, and if one is looking for it to be handed over on a silver platter, he or she is better of elsewhere. WA though commits to help anyone become successful by following a tried and proven system, both without the hype or hassle.

The reason why it is one of the top affiliate programs today is evident if one does a thorough Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Only members are allowed to be a part of its affiliate program in order to create a level-playing field, and makes it a “practice what you preach” thing. Based on one’s performance, they are paid anywhere between a monthly commission of to an annual payout of 5 (for every member they refer who enrolls or upgrades to the annual membership with bigger savings).

Insider reports shows that overall conversions are at a consistent level (1:40), with “top affiliates achieving conversions at less than 1:7”. Internet marketers clearly point out that it is “a perfect ground to build passive income”.

WA also helps further increase one’s earnings by making additional offers to referred members via ebooks for sale or short-term accreditation courses that focus on Article Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

Another area of great interest is the affiliate tools and resources section. One is handed over virtually everything – from link trackers and cloakers, to site builders or turnkey feeder sites (for those who don’t want to build a site), to offering real value bonuses (worth around ), to a sales and statistics checker. There is also a “super affiliate coach” to guide you along the way, and an affiliate support system that provides exceptional service.

One of WA’s inspiring incentives is if you hit a certain pre-determined amount of sales for the year, Kyle and Carson rewards you by sponsoring your plane ticket, hotel accommodations and an awesome internet marketing conference in Las Vegas that is held every February.

Ordinary lives are being transformed at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s basically just a matter of who’s next.

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