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The economy is at a very bad state these days, and people are looking for ways to work from home or make additional money online. There are people that want (and in some cases, NEED) to work from home, but the questions is, how to go about doing just that. With the increasing amount of scams going on, it is apparent that people are suspicious when it comes to online money making claims. Think about it: as some stay up late at night watching infomercials, one would come to the conclusion that they will “give this a try.” Most people would just dive into the opportunity, only to lose money, become stressed, and never trust another “work at home opportunity” again. The first thing anyone should do is go online to get the scoop on some of these so-called “money making gurus.” What do you find-lawsuits, angry customers, complaints-what have you? It is very hard to find something that is honest, legit, and worth the money.

Wealthy Affiliate Truth: Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a scam

-Before the Wealthy Affiliate website was updated, founders Kyle and Carson said it best:
“Before you continue on reading we need to agree on something. Building a successful business on the Internet is not a get rich overnight scheme. If it were that easy to make money online, everyone would be doing it making millions of dollars a year from the comfort of their homes. If you are not willing to put in the time to learn the proper Internet Marketing techniques there is no point in even considering Internet marketing as a career or hobby.”

This has remained solid. They make it clear that you will have to put in work to succeed, just like anything else. Online giants claim you can do little to nothing and make tens of thousands of dollars a night. For some, this may be possible. The rest can only hope, wish, or dream. Or…with Wealthy Affiliate, you can make it happen.

Training, Support, Tools, Services……………….

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is split up into categories, or Schools as we often refer to them. This organization allows you to easily focus and learn about specific topics related to Internet marketing. Each category within their training center has a “Getting started” guide that explains the benefits of learning the topic, and exactly how to get started. If you are someone who likes step-by-step instruction, the Training Center at Wealthy Affiliate will exceed all expectations. Every topic and strategy that an Internet marketer needs is taught in detail within the Wealthy Affiliate University Training Center.


When you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, you will receive NUMEROUS amounts of tools and training you need to succeed. For some other so called “opportunities”, you would have to pay separate for these items, such as web hosting, keyword tools, site building tools, and training videos. When you go to the home page, scroll down to the paragraph subtitled “Wealthy Affiliate vs. Conventional School” and you will see the price of each tool sold separately and how they add up (go ahead-take a look). With Wealthy Affiliate, this is all included.

Minutes after signing up, you will begin to receive support from Wealthy Affiliate members. If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask them. “Wow, that’s good because I’m gonna need it,” you may say to yourself. There is a “Get Started” training package for all newbies; this will help you to understand how Wealthy Affiliate works, and give you a head start on your internet marketing.

Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

Here are a few things to point out about Wealthy Affiliate:


-no experience needed

-pricing is /month for Gold Membership; for Platinum. There is a description of what each membership includes. The great about this, is you are NOT paying to work for ANYONE…but yourself. You will be paying for the training tools and all of the resources available so you canget started on internet marketing.

-training and tools are included: again, feel free to browse the site.

-great support not only from the founders, but from other members as well; you have a wide range of techniques to use

-earn money while you learn: there are many free ways to start making money while you learn

-different backgrounds: not everyone in Wealthy Affiliate has a marketing background. Once you sign up, you will find people in…well, pretty much any field: teachers, former/retired military,  musicians, stay-at-home parents – you name it.

-updated information: the website is continuously updated as the internet world is evolving.

-more time doing what you have always wanted to do

-available outside the US

-no phone support; Wealthy Affiliate is member-driven; gives you a wider audience when it comes to assistance. However, there is a contact e-mail.
-can be confusing for someone with no experience (which is not needed; that’s why all of the tools and training are there for you with the help of Wealthy Affiliate members)
-becoming impatient: once you write your first article, or build your first website, people immediately expect money to flow in. This is not always the case. If you want results, it takes time. Some people make sales within hours, some within days. Others, it takes a little longer.
-it’s not free, but you are getting a LOT for the price listed

“What the heck?”
“I ain’t paying that kind of money!”
“Do you know what I can do with this money?”          
“That’s too much money.”

Most would say something like these. The price is being stated for the reason that, why go through all of this typing for someone to sit there and wonder if they are going to pay an arm and a leg. Hopefully, this summary, and the pros and cons listed above will help determine if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you.




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