Wealthy Affiliate University – Is It Right For You?

Article by James Ryan

Wealthy Affiliate University has been given a big thumbs up by the affiliate marketing community ever since its creation in September 2005 by Kyle and Carson, two of the world’s most successful Internet Marketers. There are countless reviews and testimonials praising Kyle and Carson and the Wealthy Affiliate University, lets examine if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you.

If you have spent anytime in the wonder world of Affiliate Marketing you no doubt understand the frustration, long hours, testing and failures are a part of the game. Unlike what other websites and courses promote, Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme, in fact it could be said that Affiliate Marketing is a trade, requiring almost artistic qualities and skill set to create a successful online business.

You do not have to be the most tech savvy or come from a background in IT to be successful with Affiliate Marketing, this is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in.Wealthy Affiliate has been designed to carter for all experience levels regardless of your knowledge or experience with Affiliate Marketing. The university is the mecca of learning resources, tutorials, step by step guides, tools and research material that will teach you the ins and outs of Affiliate Marketing without spending 00s on rehashed ebook, videos and courses by so called Internet Marketing gurus.

Kyle and Carson are the real deal, Wealthy Affiliate is growing every single day with the member count surpassing 25,000 “paying members”. When talking about an online community it is very easy to find the get rich schemes from those truly worth their weight in gold. Wealthy Affiliate will not make you instant riches and it most definitely will not do the work for you but it will provide you will all the tools and resources that will set you on your path and teach you exactly how to make money online.

If are looking to get rich overnight it’s best you look elsewhere, many do not like to hear that Internet and Affiliate Marketing takes work, patience and dedication like any other business. It’s not surprising really when you think about it when most are bombarded with promises of making millions online within their first year. There are countless Affiliate Marketing millionaires, some of which call Wealthy Affiliate home but there success did not happen overnight, and neither will yours.

Wealthy Affiliate will provide you will everything you need to be successful online but it is up to you to take action. This is the biggest hurdle facing Affiliate Marketers and the only thing stopping them reaching their dreams and making money online from the comfort of their home, is the lack of action. Kyle and Carson will drum home the fact that while everything you need is at your finger tips at the Wealthy Affiliate University, it up to you to use what you have learned and put into place an action plan that will lead you to success.

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