Wealthy Affiliate University Mentoring Program

Hello ladies and gentlemen. 

My name is Kapil Desai, and I would like to talk to you about the Wealthy Affiliate University Mentoring Program. 

In my opinion, the Wealthy Affiliate University Mentoring Program is one of a kind.   There are many leaders that are earning over ,000 a month, and are also very accessible via private message should you need any help.  Travis Sago, Marcus, Potpiegirl, Kyle, Carson, etc., are just a few of the many examples.  Hopefully, after reading this article, you can decide for yourself as to whether the Wealthy Affiliate University Mentoring Program is the right opportunity for you. 

Now – what exactly is the Wealthy Affiliate University Mentoring Program?  The Wealthy Affiliate University Mentoring Program is basically a compilation of the following: 

1) Coaching Program: 

The two Coaching Programs at Wealthy Affiliate consist of the following:

(1) It offers daily training and tasks
(2) Each day you are required to take ACTION. 
(3) It is fully supported by a club coach
(4) It is 100% current and get you to implement techniques that work for today, not yesterday
(5) You get lead through the entire process from start to finish
(6) It is free

The 2 Coaching Programs at Wealthy Affiliate are…

I) Kyle and Carson’s  “Weight Loss Article Marketing Club”

II) Marcus’ “Wealthy Affiliate Article Marketing Club.”

Both Programs are run at regular intervals throughout the year (usually every 6-8 weeks)


2) Article Marketing and Pay Per Click Certification Program.  These programs are available at all times and are completely free with a Platinum membership package.  Both programs are step by step “hand held” programs that literally tell you how and what to do in order to make money. Both certification programs train you to become ‘experts’ in both Article Marketing and Pay Per Click Marketing.

3) Tools, Resources, Community, and Leadership:   The Wealthy Affiliate Mentoring Program also offers guidance and mentorship through the Community message board.  Read all of the ‘sticky’ posts on there and absorb as much information as possible (lots of tremendous information and tips for veteran internet marketers here).   Tools such as WordPress Express (i.e. a tool that builds your personalized blog for you in minutes….and offers you free hosting) and Rapid Writer’ (allows one to write highly optimized articles in minutes), also make your job a LOT easier as an internet marketer.

In Summary, joining Wealthy Affiliate could be a major advantage for you, provided that you are willing to take consistent action.  The prices of the membership have been rumoured to be going up, and so it might be a good idea to join sooner than later.  Unfortunately, as great as Wealthy Affiliate is, the added services and subsequent increase of demand has made it impossible for the owners to keep the price as is. 

However – by  joining Wealthy Affiliate today, you can ‘lock’ in the price and not have to worry about it going up. (depending on your subscription, it will cost either or per month with the Gold and Platinum memberships respectively……or less than that if you buy the membership for the year up front). 

I will do you one better than that:  IF you join Wealthy Affiliate University using my link, I will provide you with some highly profitable keywords upon joining…..which will allow you to have a “fast start” and immediately make money.  Once you join Wealthy Affiliate, just send me a private message on the forums (my handle name is KapilDesai81). 


I hope you found this Wealthy Affiliate University Mentoring Program Review to be useful.  The Wealthy Affiliate University Mentoring program isn’t one specific thing.  The Wealthy Affiliate University Mentoring program manifests itself in many different ways (as I showed you throughout this article)

I officially “welcome you to the team!”  and greatly look forward to helping you on your financial journey.  🙂


Remember – use the above link to join, and then send me a message on the forum. 



Kapil is an entrepreneur that teaches people how to build wealth using the internet as a starting point.  Kapil prides himself on being able to help people….no matter what their financial situation is…….by synchronizing Article Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Outsourcing, and then funneling excess capital into more profitable vehicles such as Commercial Real Estate, Stock Dividends, and IPO’s, while also giving people access to some of the world’s top Tax Lawyers, Credit Restoration Professionals, Stocks Experts, Commodities Experts, Money Management Professionals, Search Engine Optimization Consultants, and Pay Per Click Consultants. 

Kapil believes that Wealthy Affiliate University, is the BEST training resource as far as Article Marketing and Pay Per Click Advertising Training is concerned. 

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