Wealthy Affiliate University Review-Will Wealthy Affiliate Work For You?

Will Wealthy Affiliate University work for you? Definitely! No matter who you are or what skills (or lack thereof) that you are bringing to the table with you, you can be an online success. You can even start as a stay at home mom like me, but when you join Wealthy Affiliate and learn about internet marketing from the ground up then you are in the same position as anyone else in this business.

Don’t you think that’s cool? You are on an equal playing field with everyone else. In reality, you are probably smarter than most internet marketers. Wealthy Affiliate is an online marketing school which gives you all the tools, information and resources for you to start making money from home.

They give you the means to succeed online. The only thing they don’t give you that some other programs will give you is an empty promise. Many other web businesses will promise you that on “autopilot” you will “get rich overnight”. Yeah right, when everyone wins the lottery!

Wealthy Affiliate tells you straight up that just like anything else in life, if you want the big money then you’ve got to work for it. At least this doesn’t mean working long, hard hours in a hot, little cubicle away from your family; it just means taking ACTION towards your goals and doing it consistently, even if that is only a couple of hours a day.


When you join Wealthy Affiliate you are positioning yourself to learn every aspect and technique of internet marketing. Kyle and Carson (the owners) will tell you that anyone can be a success if they will just learn the correct way to do it. Kyle and Carson and 1000s of other marketers are in Wealthy Affiliate to provide answers to your questions and guide your way.

Wealthy Affiliate University is not just for beginners in internet marketing. There are many experienced internet marketers making millions of dollars who are willing to share their insights with you.

The tools that WA gives you on the inside are unsurpassed by any other program. Many other programs seem very inexpensive to start with and then they nickel and dime you into the poorhouse. I’m sure you already know that this is called the “bait and switch”. Been there, done that. I had previously been a member of a few such types of programs. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t ask you for anymore than your membership fee.

Here is a list of just a few of the tools given to you by WA:

free training that is accompanied by an 8 week ACTION plan This teaches you, keeps you motivated and solidifies your learning with necessary tasks which must be completed at the end of each lesson.
free keyword tools for Google, AdWords, ClickBank and Wealthy Affiliate They teach you how to use each of these to get the biggest benefit from them.
free hosting for your websites and your blogs
free cloaking/tracking tools for your affiliate links
free tutorials covering all aspects of internet marketing
free feeder sites
free WA Space and Blog This is your home in the neighborhood at WA; this is where you will live!
free website builder with templates
free content generator
and much, much more!

Of course there are no guarantees of potential income because your income depends on your skills and resources. Wealthy Affiliate University is giving you all the resources; isn’t it time you learned the skills?


Carole Mewhort is a successful stay at home mom and affiliate marketer.  Her website is http://AffiliateMomsJourney.com and offers tips for affiliate marketing.  READ WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW

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