Wealthy Affiliates- Inside Wealthy Affiliate Story

Wealthy Affiliates Kyle and Carson’s Wealthy Affiliate journey began as college students. In fact, while in college with their classes, homework and lab assignments taking up all of their time neither of them had the time to find part-time jobs. One day in a computer lab they got together and decided to explore ways to make money online.

It was not until then that they discovered the word “Affiliate” and the concept of Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing encompasses the the promotion of products or services for yourself or companies that pay a commission or percentage based on successful sales or other actions. They started with zero knowledge or experience in affiliate marketing or internet marketing.

The Wealthy Affiliates went from being struggling students, to Internet success stories within one year online. In fact, after just 6 months the Wealthy Affiliates were independently making well over ,000 per month and after 18 months, they were each pulling in close to ,000 per month.

They then connected after they got out of school. They knew they were both successful, they also knew that they had no help along the way. Kyle & Carson thought….”What if we could help others and create an online training facility that would show people EXACTLY what we did”?


This apparently was their calling. They knew that if they helped others succeed, they would succeed in the process.  If people experienced success from their teachings, they would recommend them and Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate was born and On Sept 10, 2005 introduced to the world.

The Wealthy Affiliates now while working from home make more money online in just a couple of days than the average person will make in month. They are dedicated to teaching others who want to learn internet marketing how to have success with a business online making money while working from home as Wealthy Affiliates


Wealthy Affiliates Membership Mission


“Success is possible for anyone, regardless of your knowledge level, where you live, and what your current situation is. We are here to help and will continue to offer all Wealthy Affiliate members the highest level of support. Our goal is to build this already great community into something that far exceeds ANYTHING available to Internet entrepreneurs.” kyle and carson

One of the main questions they get is “Are you still making money affiliate marketing?”.

“The answer is YES.  We do make money as merchants, but we still both make a very large income as Internet marketers.  We make several million dollars every year, but the most important thing is that we collectively help our members earn tens of millions of dollars every year.

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