www.get5figuredaily.com Webprosperity – Business Opportunity . . . Great Article Below www.get5figuredaily.com Webprosperity – Business Opportunity by CR BOLDEN Webprosperity is a ground floor business opportunity for internet marketers which is taking the internet by storm. Web Prosperity is an awesome opportunity that brings amazing technology and products to our industry, securing the marketplace for internet marketers by putting in their hands a truly automated marketing platform in one “Web Prosperity Internet System.” Lets review the products that this company has to offer Product Meeting – Reach 100s of internet entrepreneurs anytime, anywhere, by phone or web conference! Meet face-to-face with customers and prospects to build relationships and credibility. Hold high-powered training sessions with interactive screen sharing and whiteboarding. Product Contact – Bypass spam filters and reach new audiences with email broadcasts and marketing campaigns! Power delivery of your newsletters, articles, and success stories, then follow up automatically! Monitor your WebProsperity progress with click-through, sales, and revenue tracking. Product Media – Add sizzle to your website with live chat, streaming audio/video and Podcasts! Create, store and share your photo galleries with vistors and your downline. Manage and publish your documents and media across multiple online channels. Product Finder – Use this intuitive, Flash-based tool to visually browse through your downline

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