Why I Love Wealthy Affiliate! And I Think You Will Too

Article by Jeffrey Minner

Whether you are a new affiliate marketer or have been doing it for years, belonging to an Internet marketing community can help you further your career and learn the latest tricks in the ever changing world of affiliate marketing. This article focuses on a review of Wealthy Affiliate, said to be the best Internet marketing community on the net.I have so many people asking me about Wealthy Affiliate University, what is it exactly, is it a scam, is it true that all of their members succeed… so I decided to do my own review of Wealthy Affiliate so that I could get an insiders perspective and answer some of those questions.I was quite surprised at what I found inside of the Wealthy Affiliate community. First of all, some of the most well known and successful Internet marketers on the web started out at Wealthy Affiliate. And believe it or not, they remained a member even after they reached unbelievable success. Why? During my review, I learned that the reason these guru’s decide to stay is because of the information sharing. Every member of Wealthy Affiliate is encouraged to share their techniques and strategies. They are taught that if you don’t help others succeed, then you hold yourself back. So obviously one of the reasons that these successful marketers stay is to “give back”. So you can learn one on one from some of the most successful gurus for free once you are a part of Wealthy Affiliate. You will recognize some of the famous names inside the forums.Another thing I really like about this community is the ability to actually talk and interact with the creators of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson. They don’t leave it up to everyone else to help you. They will actually step in and give you a hand if you get stuck, and they are there to personally congratulate you on your successes. I decided that as part of my review of Wealthy Affiliate, I would send a private message to Kyle and Carson – and I was shocked when they both responded to me personally within a day! It was a refreshing change from every other Internet marketing community where you have to pay more to even get the organizers to talk to you and even then it takes them weeks to get back to you. By that time you could have lost precious money, not to mention the time that was wasted!

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